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Initial Review of Oh My G after Day 2 #OhMyGPicturePerfect

Oh My G with Janella Marlo Manolo-9163

After watching the first 2 episodes of  Oh My G, I’m really quite impressed on this new teleserye! Why?

First, it’s very fresh and up to date. It’s very techie in the way it uses “pop-ups” of messages,  the computer screen background during social media backdrops, use of hashtags and even the next episode preview using the youtube like presentation.  Sophie played by Janella Salvador as a blogger as well reflects the youth’s passion (or habit) of expression through her blog, social media status updates, and selfies.

Second, it gives a lot of life lessons but in a very subtle and not in your face way.  Janella’s posts about veggies, dialogues about obesity, and health. As discussed in the presscon, it will also have a pass about relationship with God in the future episodes. Check more of the background and preview of the story by viewing the presscon video below.

Third, Sophie’s longing for the company of her dad gives a strong message about parenting priorities. In this material world, we have sometimes have to gauge what really is important in life.  The show tackes this in the following scenes:

  • Sophie’s dad played by Eric Quizon promised a prize if she wins student council presidency and he saying “You know that you can have anything you want” and Sophie’s settled for a dinner time with him instead of a material prize
  • The eagerness of Sophie to send a sms to her Dad that she won (even before she did)
  • The “sadness” Sophie felt even after winning the student council presidency when she did not get a quick reply from her dad
  • The gladness she felt when she got a reply confirming dinner
  • The selfie moment with Sophie and her dad during the dinner date (as a victory trophy for her)
  • And in the preview of the next episode when Sophie and her dad were arguing and her dad told her that he is breaking his back at work just to give her everything she needs and Sophie replied “I’m not asking for everything tatay. I’m just asking for a little bit of your time”

I’m really blown away on the quality of Oh My G and series will definitely not only cater for the youth but also to the adults.  I’m really impressed. My only gripe is why the show is in the time slot where most of the youth will not be able to watch it because of school timings. Anyways, with today’s technology, there is of course an alternative with I Want TV using ABS-CBN mobile.  You can watch it online easily later.

How about you? Have you seen Oh My G already? What do you think of it? What do you like about it?


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