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Three Girls’s Modern Fairy Tale Journey to Renewal With Maxi-Peel

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Celebrity Marian Rivera challenged three lucky girls, who were chosen when they shared their stories online, to embark on a 30-day Journey to Renewal with Maxi-Peel called #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa . The three girls Belle, Crystal, and Shane, who were suffering from different levels of acne problems, were surprised when Marian Rivera guided them to this journey.


Maxi-Peel gave them products to use and a regimen to follow in this journey.  After the 30-day challenge, they were invited to guest in the ‘Marian’ show on GMA 7.

I was invited by Maxi-Peel and Nuffnang to witness the guesting at the show. I was excited because it was my first time to go to a GMA 7 taping , and I’m also a big fan of Marian Rivera’s show.


Last November 28, 2014, at the studio, we watched the taping of the Marian show.  Here are my photos and videos of what I term almost a modern fairy tale experience for the three girls that they will definitely remember:

Serenade by Christian Bautista

Belle, Crystal, and Shane were serenaded by Christian Bautista with Bruno Mars’s Just The Way You Are. I can definitely see the confidence instilled in the girls by their #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa journey.  It was evident during the taping.

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After the serenade, the interview with Marian Rivera was next. Marian interviewed them about their journey and the outcome of the regimen.


Here are the interviews I recorded while at the show:


Belle’s Interview


Crystal’s Interview


Shane’s Interview



Belle’s Boyfriend Message That Made Marian Teary Eyed


Belle’s Response to Boyfriend’s Message


Marian Rivera’s Advise to the 3 Girls

It was really heart-warming for me to witness the taping of the show, the interviews, the interaction with the girls, learning the stories of their journeys. Maxi-Peel and Marian really gave them new skin, and new hope as the #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa aims. It’s a game changer.

Here are some more photos that really showed how happy the girls were and reveling in their new beauty inside and out:


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All the best Belle, Crystal, and Shane to the continuation of your modern fairy tale. Wishing you all the best in your newfound confidence that will empower you for the rest of your life.


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