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Kawasaki Philippines Launches New Fury at the Annual Dealers Convention

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Last November 21, 2014, Kawasaki Motors Philippines Corporation (KPMC) recently held its 2014 Dealers Convention at the Grand Ballroom of the Manila Hotel.

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Around 400 Kawasaki dealers from all over the Philippines with international guests from Japan and India donned on their mad max attire for the morning session and mob bosses and sexy vixen outfits to adapt to “Gotham” theme of the evening event.

“The past years had been very challenging to the country‟s motorcycle industry. Kawasaki Philippines 2014 Dealers Convention is our means to bolster the morale of our dealers to remind them that we can rise above this so-called apocalyptic milieu by fighting head-on and launching
more powerful machines in the market,” says Teench Layosa – Doval Santos, Kawasaki Motors Philippines General Manager for Sales and Marketing.

Several products were launch during the dealers’ convention: Avenger 220; the Rouser bloodlines –Rouser 135, Rouser 180 and Rouser 200NS and the two singles: Ninja 250SL and Z250SL.

The highlight of the event, however was the showcase of the new Fury: Fury 125 and Fury 125RR.

Kawasaki Dealers Convention and Fury Launch-3004

Fury 125 is still molded with its signature cross breed design concept, but with improved styling, engine and performance, while the more sporty Fury 125RR in alloy wheels is equipped with a manual clutch. The styling of the Fury is like a hybrid of a big bike, with sharper and enhanced aesthetics that can be attributed to the Ninja- styling.

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“It has been a while since the Fury was introduced in the market and we feel that it is high time that we excite the market once again,” adds Santos. “By adapting Gotham as this year’s theme, we would like to drive a point that as „Gotham‟ is the prequel to „Batman‟, then the Fury is the prequel to the Ninja— and that the only way to the Ninja is through the Fury,” concludes Santos.
Bigwigs Vicente Quimbo, Founder and President of Bel Mondo Italia Corporation, makers of Novellino Wines and luxury car tycoon Mr. Wellington Soong, President of AutostradaMatore, Inc., the biggest luxury car distributor in the Philippines graced the occasion to impart their
entrepreneurial advices to the attendees.
The event was made more colorful with the presence of actress Daiana Menezes who hosted the event with Kawasaki Motors Philippines Dan Darang. The evening was capped off with musical entertainment and sing-along sessions led by comedienne Rufa Mi and Kawasaki Motors‟ own Cesar Co.

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