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Ericka Villongco, James Reid’s Ex-Girlfriend Talks about James, Nadine, Jadine and Love

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I recently attended the “Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig” movie presscon last October 30, 2014 where the stars Julian Estrada, Sofia Andres, Inigo Pascual and James Reid’s ex-girlfriend Ericka Villongco attended.

During the presscon, Ericka was asked about her love life and James Reid came into the picture. She revealed that she was James Reid’s ex-girlfriend and they were steady for 3.5 years until James broke it off last March so that he can concentrate on his career. This was before the movie “Diary Ng Panget” was shown in cinemas.

She finally broke her silence about the break-up. After the presscon, there were a lot of interviews about her and James that were published in various entertainment sections and on-line portals.

Even an entertainment blogger, I’m not into breaking “juicy” news especially in my youtube channel to get traffic. I always feel for the one being interviewed of what their “feelings” are. I actually had a video footage of Angel Locsin when she broke up in tears when she admitted about the breakup with Phil Younghusband and her admitting that she has still feelings for Luis Manzano. I never released that video.

I just felt showings some of these video interviews of Ericka because I feel that she is a strong woman who kept quiet because of her true love to James so not to affect his career and the Jadine love team with Nadine Lustre. She does not deserve the bashing she got from social media.

She believes that James and Nadine are a good match for a love team as she mentioned in this next video:

(Apologies if sound is not too good due to background noise. I suggest you listed to the videos with a louder volume using a headset or earphones.)

From the interviews, she told reporters that she had to endure a lot of bashing due to her being James ex-girlfriend which actually started 3.5 years ago long way before James was famous and way before the Jadine love team. The fans were really unfair to her.

During the interviews, I can imagine how in love they were and how she loves James. Check out this next video on how she tells how romantic James was.

Ericka mentioned in this video that James Reid appeared in the movie “Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig” doing a cameo appearance.

Here is the rest of the video interviews where she talks about how it started, how it ended and the status quo.

It’s clear that she is a strong woman who fell in love with a very loveable James Reid. James and Nadine consoling her about the bashing on social media proves that she does not deserve the bashing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big Jadine fan myself and takes all the chances to be able to cover James and Nadine events as you can see in my www.youtube.com/WazzupPH and in this blog www.Wazzup.PH. I felt strongly that Ericka does not deserve the bashing.

Ericka is one of the cast in the movie Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig which is distributed by Star Cinema and will be out in cinemas this November 12 nationwide.  James Reid is in the movie with a cameo apperance.

There will be mall tours around Metro Manila and the provinces.  On November 2, they will be in SM Novaliches and on Nov. 9 at the SM Fairview.

Good luck to Ericka Villiongco on her acting and singing career!

For the full presscon of Relaks It’s Just Pag-ibig with more footage of the revelation, please check out this presscon article.


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