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Mmmmary’s Baaaackkkk!

mmmmary carnation ph
Mmmmary’s Kitchen, a Carnation creation, is a web series where teleserye meets cooking show. Household tips and beauty advice are featured as well.  #maryskitchen

carnation mary carrie dip
Mary and Carrie tasting their Noche Buena: Carnation Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Cheese Dip and Carnation Christmas Meatballs and Macaroni Pasta (Season 1, Episode 1)

In Season 1, Mary, the title character, just got married to Mark, and she’s getting used to life as a housewife. She uses cooking as a way to bond with her mother-in-law, Carrie, who Mary’s initially intimidated by. Unlike the stereotypical monster-in-law, though, Carrie is actually quite helpful and sweet, even giving Mary some pointers on how to set up a table for Mary and Mark’s Valentine’s dinner.

carnation mary carrie dory
Mary and Carrie making Pan Seared Dory with Lemon Butter, Sautéed Salsa and Carnation White Sauce for Valentine’s (Season 1, Episode 3)

In Season 2, Mary agrees to move from their enormous dream house to a smaller place, so that husband Mark can live closer to where he works. At this stage, they’re about a year into their marriage and they seem to be fighting a lot. And, for some unknown reason, Mary still hasn’t learned to lock her door.

marys kitchen season 2
There are ten episodes this season. We’ll finally meet the work-obsessed Mark, plus a few other family members. Will the couple’s fighting get worse, or will “makeup snacks” help patch things up? Watch all of Season 1 and episode 1 of Season 2 on YouTube. Just look for “Carnation PH”. Some to watch out for this season are Creamy Beef Salpicao, Lemon Chicken Spinach Fettuccine, and Salted Caramel Brownies.

carnation hot chocolate
Enjoy a cup of Filipino Style Hot Chocolate while watching episodes of Mmmmary’s Kitchen on YouTube

To our beloved homemakers out there, you can get some fun recipes and interesting housekeeping tips from

carnation bread bowl bacon
Making a bread bowl for the Squash & Maple Bacon Soup (Season 1, Episode 2)

Read Mary’s blog on There are also a variety of recipes available on the site from Mary’s Cooking KumaresRegine Tolentino and Chef Mitchie Sison.

This has been brought to you by Carnation Evap and Carnation Condensada, the cooking mmm…

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