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Maum Meditation Founder in Manila: Mind-subtraction creates a lifetime of happiness with the Universe

Filipinos life has always been stressful this days, and somewhat some of us are finding ways to cope up with it or do something with it. Some says,”its all in mind,” but still stress still stumble on to get in our mind.

Good thing that there are people on this earth that never get tired of discovering ways for us to cope up with stress and be happy with everyday living. Woo Myung the founder of Maum Meditation, will be elaborating on his ideas in the Philippines as part of his Annual World Lecture Tour for 2014. He already finished it with Australia and New Zealand and also completed his European Tour which included Genoa, Milan, Lisbon, London, Paris, Budapest, Berlin, and Stockholm. The planned lecture in Manila and Clark, Philippines is the last of the Southern and Southeast Asia lecture tour following his trips to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand.



Woo Myung will introduce the method of Maum Meditation which teaches human completion and joyful life through an alignment of the of human mind to the Universal consciousness. The lecture will take place on October 8 in Manila and on October 30, 7pm in Clark Pampanga.



He stated, Truth is not about knowing, but enlightening. He added, Enlightenment is breaking away from the imprisoned individual mind; and as much as the mind has broken away, one would arrive at the Truth and be enlightened of the Truth.


The eight levels of Maum Meditation developed by Woo Myung allow people to be self-enlightened as they subtract their minds from each level. They then become one with the Universes mind, which then removes the stress that rises from the human mind that creates sorrow, happiness, and anger. Being reborn with the Universe mind is human completion which is a complete happiness.

This lecture will be a big help for us to unleash the inner stress that we are facing with our everyday lives. This will make us gain self respect and self gratitude.

For more information about Woo Myungs World Lecture Tour 2014 in Philippines, please contact Manila Maum Meditation Center (Phone: 02-687-1294). Click on

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