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Food In Four Clicks, Delivered In 60 Minutes Or Less


foodpanda, along with its affiliated brands hellofood and Delivery Club, is the number one food delivery service worldwide. Having started in May 2012, it is now active in more than 40 countries across five continents. It launched in the Philippines in early June 2014 and is set to expand across key cities in the country in the months to come. This expansion will be headed by foodpanda Philippines’ newly-appointed Managing Director, Mauro Cocchieri.

What is foodpanda?
This online food delivery marketplace provides an avenue for international food chains, established local brands, and up-and-coming hole-in-the-wall restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile worlds. foodpanda also acts as a consultant for these restaurants and provides them with constantly evolving online technology.

For consumers, foodpanda offers the most convenient food ordering platform either online or via the app (launched in 2013) and the widest gastronomic range from which they can choose their favorite meal. Customers’ orders are saved online, allowing for reorders to be done quickly, while multiple addresses can also be stored so they don’t need to be entered for every order. There are several payment options, too: cash, card, and PayPal.

online platform
The most convenient food ordering platform

“Committed to giving our customers the best online food ordering experience, we have decided to tie up with restaurants that are dedicated to giving our customers the optimum service; on-time delivery, fast response to customer inquiries, and overall, make the customers enjoy their food and worry less about anything that involves food. We want to offer choices, and we believe that it is very important that all the ‘cravings’ of Filipinos are met and satisfied. In that way, we are able to provide excellent customer service and experience,” Cocchieri said.

Want the same breakfast from the same restaurant delivered to the same address at the same time every Sunday? foodpanda’s option for recurring deliveries can make that happen.

Do you work abroad and did you recently have an argument with your hubby who lives in the Philippines? Why not take a cue from one of foodpanda’s customers and apologize by paying for a roasted chicken online and having it delivered to your better half’s home in the Philippines? You’ll be making up in no time!

Due to the Filipinos’ love of good food, and the continuous growth in food delivery usage in the country, Cocchieri feels that the “Philippines is a market that’s more than ready for the innovation that foodpanda is.” He believes that expansion, at this early stage, is vital to making the platform the top-of-mind choice when it comes to online food delivery service. “Being ‘out there’ and very visible in cities that present huge potential in terms of the service foodpanda provides will greatly help in seeding to the people’s mind that we exist, and that we are here to attend to their food delivery needs,” he said.

foodpanda, which is already serving most of Metro Manila, is currently setting up shop in Cebu. Its sights are set on Davao, Pampanga, and Baguio as well.

The man behind it all
Mauro Cocchieri, former Managing Director of Lazada Philippines, hails from Perugia, Italy. This German-speaking Business Administration graduate is currently immersing himself in our local culture and food scene.

mauro cocchieri managing director foodpanda philippines
Mauro Cocchieri, the newly-appointed Managing Director of foodpanda Philippines

While thinking of growing the business and partnering with more and more restaurants in the country, Mauro’s main goal is still to provide Filipinos with a seamless experience and unparalleled customer service.

“I actually see myself more of an ambassador of customer experience rather than a manager. After all, it really is the customers who we deem most important. In this kind of business, a good feedback goes a long way, same with a negative one. So we always want to make sure that customers are satisfied, and use that to drive us to excel on what we are doing. Ease of access for both customer and vendor is also a priority, and with this bold and risky move, we believe it will be easier to give that to them. With a strong team and clear vision, rest assured, foopanda is more than ready for this next step and will definitely succeed,” quipped Cocchieri.

“Customers are in for a better online food ordering experience. A more seamless and fun foodpanda experience is coming,” he added.

Order now on and watch out for wonderful surprises during this year’s Online Revolution (12/12). You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive great deals from their top restaurants via email.

Download the app from to get “foodpanda in your pocket! It’s the fastest way to order food on the go.”

A glimpse of the foodpanda app, which was launched in 2013

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[Photos from foodpanda Philippines’ press kit]

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