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The Gifted Movie Review with Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Cristine Reyes

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This September 3, Viva Films brings another blockbuster title to the big screen.  “The Gifted,” stars the tandem of Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes and Sam Milby.  The two “No Other Woman” actresses reunites again as the “gifted” genius best friends turned enemies.  The movie was written and directed by Chris Martinez.


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I was invited by Viva Films for the press / bloggers screening of the movie at the Directors Club Cinema at SM Megamall Fashion Hall last September 1. Here is my review of the movie.

The Gifted is a story about friendship and competing to be on the top.

Anne Curtis plays Zoe Tuazon, the fat rich brat and gifted best friend of fellow nerd genius Aika Tabayoyong played by Cristine Reyes.  They were best friend until high school when Zoe due to the pressure from her parents needs to beat Aika for the top slot of Valedictorian and cannot settle to be the second best. Sam Milby plays the role of Aika’s love interest, Mark Ferrer.

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Later after successfully earning their degrees and successes in their respective careers, Zoe and Aika both decided to go under the knives to improve both their physical appearance.  With their successful lives separately, their paths crossed again when their High School reunion was being planned.  Now equipped not only with brains but also with beauty, the competition and rivalry heats up.

The roles both the women played will definitely be new and fresh to their fans.

I like both the comedy brought about by the tandem of the “evil” genuises as they plot ala Revenge of the Nerds.  The dark comedy of the rivalry between the 2 women were definitely one of the highlights of the movie.

I highly recommend the movie for its entertainment value. Even though the 2 ladies really look nerdy and funny at the start, both were fabulous in the later part of the movie especially Anne’s character.  From her gym workout, the seductive lingerie scene, up to the long gown with a long slit she wore at the reunion, Anne definitely heated up the air conditioned cinema. The movie is Rated R-13.

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I give the movie a 3.75 out of 5 stars rating. It’s really enjoyable to watch. The casting of Anne Curtis mestiza beauty vs Cristine Reyes asian beauty really matched their roles.  I liked the non-linear approach of the storytelling as well.



The movie will be showing in Philippine cinemas from September 3.

International screening in the US starts on September 12 as follows:

the gifted international screening


Smart is the new Sexy!

P.S. Please stay for the credits to enjoy additional important scenes. Don’t miss it!


Credits: Photos and poster from PR kits and movie’s marketing materials


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