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JJampong and Bibimbap at Kogi Bulgogi

My blogger friend Mac Vasquez and I decided to have dinner after an event at Gateway Mall, Araneta Center. Lot’s of good restos in the mall but decided to go to Kogi Bulgogi since both Mac and I like spicy food.

We decided to go for soup noodles and a rice dish to be shared between use so we ordered Seafood Jjampong and beef Bibimbap.

As we wait for our order, the waiter served us a variety of appetizer / siding typical of Korean restaurants.  The mix of sweet, salty, sour, spicy played our palette building our appetite. I specially love the sweet and spicy “dilis” and the pickled “ampalaya”. Of course to heat us up is the spicy kimchi.

kogi bulgogi-5327
Mix of appetizer / sides

When our ordered came, we first tried the Seafood Jjampong. We ordered it on 8 out of 10 level of spiciness being careful. It was just right maybe we could even have leveled up to 9 or 10.  The soup was rich and flavorful with the flavors of the sea. The noodles were good and filling as well. We definitely enjoy the spiciness of these soup on the rainy day.

kogi bulgogi-5334

Next put our attention to the Beef Bibimbap. I mixed it earlier to while having the soup adding the paste. It is ideal to mix it as soon as it is served since the stone bowl is still not and cooking so that the bottom part would not get burned.

kogi bulgogi-5331

This was tasty as well rich of flavor from the beef, veggies and the paste.  I ordered some more sides of “dilis” and “ampalaya” + kimchi to go with the rice. It was definitely good to have this sidings while eating the rice. The Bibimbap also came with a free ice tea which Mac had while I had a Pepsi Max to help me extinguish the “fire”.

Our total bill just came to a total of Php 535 for the 2 of us. It was very good value considering the quality of the food, the service and the great ambiance of Kogi Bulgogi in Gateway Mall.

kogi bulgogi-5337
The aftermath: empty plates and filled up tummies

I definitely recommend Kogi Bulgogi if you want to savor Korean dishes.  For more info about Kogi Bulgogi, you can check their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram @kogibulgogiPH.


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