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Canon G7x: A new David in the Goliath’s World of Photography?

PowerShot G7X

Canon has recently expanded their suite of compact cameras with the addition of three new models to the PowerShot series PowerShot G7X, PowerShot SX60 HS, and PowerShot N2. The one that caught my eye was the PowerShot G7X.

I fell in love with the Canon G series compacts when I bought my first G series, the Canon G12 almost 3 years ago. I shot one of my iconic shots that got featured in the Art Photo Feature (APF) Online Magazine using the G12.

lantern heads v3 -.4
Canon G12 f/8 1/200 ISO 800

The new PowerShot G7X caught my eye because of it’s great specifications in spite of its compactness. It is so compact that it looked like it belong to the S series of compacts rather than the G series of Canon.

Here are the specifications:

PowerShot G7 X Specifications

Lens: 4.2x optical zoom with Image Stabilization
Focal length: 24mm-100mm
Maximum Aperture: f/1.8-f/2.8
Image sensor: 20.2 mega-pixel 1.0 type CMOS sensor
Imaging processor: DIGIC 6
Maximum video quality: Full HD 60p
LCD: 3.0” (approx. 1,040,000 dots) 180-degree tilt touchscreen
Connectivity: WiFi/NFC, Mobile Device Connect Button
Dimensions: Approx. 103.0 x 60.4 x 40.4mm
Weight: Approx. 304g


Bright 4.2X Zoom Lens

The PowerShot G7X has a bright zoom lens ideal for low-light photography.  At the widest settings of 24mm, it can be opened up to f/1.8 and  when at its full telephoto settings at 100mm, it still can be opened at f/2.8!!! That beats a lot of lenses even in the DSLRs. Equipped with a 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm, the camera will be able to create circular blurs to produce a beautiful bokeh effect.

g7x bokeh

The lens is also capable of Image Stabilization giving you further shooting flexibility when shooting in low light by countering handshake in slower shutter speeds.

Great Controls and Interface

Equipped with a 3.0 LCD touchscreen, even novice users will be at ease with this compact. With the touchscreen interface, features and functions can be easily adjusted by a simple tap and swipe motions.


For the pros, they will like the additional physical controls such as the lens control ring that enables quick and easy adjustments to basic settings like shutter speed and aperture. The stacked mode dial allows you to adjust exposure compensation by turning one of the layers.

To date, I have not seen controls and interface that matches this on a compact camera.

Image Quality In Small Package

The camera has a large 1” 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor.  Smaller than the APS-C sensor that you find in DSLRs, it is one of the biggest size of sensor you can fit in this compact size camera.


g7x 31 autofocus

The PowerShot G7X has a 31-point AF spread to a larger area in the frame so that the focusing accuracy is improved in determining the subject.  It has also high speed continuous AF shooting in addition to its single focusing mode.  Face detection is also available as focusing mode.


Sporting Canon’s latest DIGIC 6 imaging processor, the PowerShot G7X has a fast start-up time ready to capture unexpected moments.

Premium design

The diamond knurl pattern on the dials and lens barrel to the subtle red accent on the base of the shutter release and mode dial, the PowerShot G7X  is sophisticated in its form. For a better grip and user experience, a more tactile finish has been incorporated onto the exterior of the PowerShot G7X, with a raised shape on the finger rest.


Articulated Screen

The PowerShot G7X comes with a 180 degrees tilt touchscreen LCD to allow flexible shooting. Ideal for selfies, shoot from the ground or hip level, or even shooting above the head when you flip the camera.

PowerShot G7X (2)

Advanced movie functions

The PowerShot G7X Manual Movie mode is available for greater control.  This mode allows advanced users to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO setting manually for greater creative control even while recording. Fast moving objects are captured crisply and in smoother transitions with the PowerShot G7X’s ability to record full HD 60p MP4 movies.

Connectivity and Social Media Sharing

Equipped with both wireless capabilities and Near Field Communication (NFC), user can share images and videos via the Canon CameraWindow app. You can share your high quality selfies online easily when connected to your mobile or wifi hotspots.

Using this connectivity feature, you can even shoot remotely using your tablet or mobile with the Canon Camera Window app.

wireless-shooting 2


The specs of the new Canon Powershot G7x is really impressive. This camera despite of its compactness possesses great features and specs. I look forward to reviewing this unit when Canon Marketing Philippines lends me one to road test this exciting camera.

It looks like an ideal compact camera for traveling, blogging, social media sharing and for those who wants quality in handy easy to carry size. I’m excited!



credits: photos from Canon Website and press release

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