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BOOMco. Launches New Toy Blaster Guns Shooting at the First Blast Event

Last August 9 to 10, 2014, Richprime Global, together with SM North EDSA and Toy Kingdom, join the global launch of Mattel’s latest brand, BOOMco., in a 2-day event called FIRST BLAST. In the middle of the activity center of The Block, a playground filled with bold, daring and exciting challenges were setup for the shooters to enjoy.

BOOMco. introduced to the public the next generation blasters that are powered by strong air blast performance that lets you fire straighter and faster for up to 50feet. It also features Smart Stick Technology so that darts stick to specially designed Smart Stick targets only.

The action-packed event is consists of unique challenges and exclusive gifts and prizes. From the still targets of Blast Free Challenge to the action packed Extra Blaster Challenge where participants where the required to hit moving targets and to the ultimate team battles where 2 teams battle it out in an all out shooting and base capturing to win the First Blast Victors title.

About the Brand

” Utilizing innovative Smart Stick darts, targets and shields, BOOMco. gives kids a revolutionary new blaster experience that challenges them to get outside and play,” said Doug Wadleigh, Senior Vice President, Global Brands Marketing, Boys and Entertainment for Mattel. “The Smart Stick system combined with high performance BOOMco. blasters enable kids to create almost limitless new ways to play, in a world where imagination meets action.”

The Smart Stick™ System—Smart Stick™ adhesive technology enables darts to only bond to Smart Stick™ surfaces—nothing else:

  • Darts: Smart Stick™ darts work with all BOOMco.™ blasters and feature anti-jamming properties along with a strong durable construction that keeps darts straight
  • Targets: BOOMco.™ targets are simple to mount and feature loud graphics so kids can easily see if they’ve nailed their shot
  • Shielded Defense: Deflect and collect opponents’ darts and keep playing with integrated Smart Stick™ blaster shields that easily retract or can be removed

BOOMco.™ Blasters

BOOMco.™ Clipfire™
Quick-fire blaster that clips anywhere!

  • Portable & concealable for stealth play
  • Cool collapsible handle!
  • Built in clip to attach to anything
  • Fires up to 50 feet

BOOMco.™ Farshot™
Long Range Show Off!

  • Sping-loaded Single-fire action for accuracy!
  • Removable, transforming target shields!
  • 3 Smart Stick darts
  • Fires up to 50 feet

BOOMco.™ Whipblast™
Sling-fire handle for fast blasting action (available in October)

  • Quick reloading with whip of your wrist
  • Flip up to blast away
  • Storage for 3 additional darts in the barrel
  • Removable transforming shields
  • Blasting distance up to 50 feet

BOOMco.™ Twisted Spinner™
Epic spinning-barrel action!

  • Rotating barrel that holds 8 darts
  • Double-grip design with slam-fire action
  • 310° rotating barrel
  • Quick push button for removable transforming shield
  • Fires up to 50 feet

BOOMco.™ Rapid Madness™
Ultimate rapid-fire blasting! (available in October)

  • Removable, transforming blaster shields
  • Air-powered rapid fire mechanism fires 20 darts in seconds
  • Push button transforming removable shields
  • 30 Smart Stick darts and 20 count dart clip

BOOMco. comes with variety of accessories that enable kids to create limitless ways to play. For more information about the brand, visit or like Richwell Club Facebook for exclusive updates.

BOOMco is exclusively distributed by Richprime Global, Inc.

I got this Farshot for attending the event and really enjoyed playing target practice with it!

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