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She’s Dating The Gangster Movie Review

As the deadly storm of Glenda wreaks havok in the Philippines, another storm created a stir as well. No, it’s not Henry, the upcoming tropical depression, but the movie She’s Dating The Gangster starring the love team of Kathniel, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Fans ignored the weather forecast warning and headed to a 3 theater premiere the night just hours before Glenda’s strong winds and intense rain hit Metro Manila.
The first day of the showing of the movie Glenda made landfall in Metro Manila early morning. As it left the Metro leaving parts of the cities without power, the calm after the storm, opened a window for a rush of movie goers to the cinemas to watch SDTG movie.  I saw the movie 10 pm, the last show. When I was buying the movie ticket, I asked the teller how was the crowd earlier that day. She said that there were long queues for tickets. My wife also told me that when she was in SM North earlier, there were a lot of people at the cinemas.

The movie started and the excitement grew among the crowd at the cinema. It started with the scene of the present day older Kenji played by Richard Gomez at a wedding and Kenneth, son of Kenji, played by Daniel Padilla mischievously having a sexual adventure with one of the guest and was caught and creating a scene putting his dad into an embarrassing situation. This was the establishing scene of how Kenneth hate his father for thinking that Kenji loved him and his mother less.
Kenneth? I thought DJ was supposed to be Kenji?  Confused, I was as well initially. Why do they have to give that role to DJ as well.  As the movie went on, I understood why.
Then came the airport scene where Kenneth met Kelay played by Kathryn Bernardo who also plays the role of Athena adding more to my confusion. Their common quest led them to a journey that explained the past about the story of the young Kenji and Athena through the throwback story telling of Kelay.
The funny, romatic, and hearth warming story of the young Kenji and Athena was the core of the movie. The youthful tale of love and life set at the campus in the age of beepers, arcade games, billiard halls when bandanas worn in the head looked cool like Axl Rose of Guns N Roses.
As the movie progressed to the story of the young Kenji and Athena, the movie started to make sense on what my confusion in the earlier establishing scene. It answered my question why DJ have to play the same role of Kenji and of Kenneth. It build up the energy of the plot to make you laugh, love and even cry.
I definitely commend the acting of both Daniel and Kathryn.  Kudos to Kathyrn for her expressive eyes that portrayed a lot of emotions as said by Director Cathy in the blogcon I attended.  Both have shown advances in their acting and their comedic timings.
It’s definitely a feel good rom com movie that you should see even if you are not a fan of Kathniel. I rate it 4 out of 5 for its entertainment value and feel good effect. I’m really starting to believe in Filipino commercial movies that it can be of better value and can easily compete with western romcoms.
As I overheard from one of the cool teens (not your typical jologs crowd) who might have just been peer pressured to go to the movie, and I quote him “Ironically,  I had a good time and enjoyed the movie”.
She’s Dating The Gangster is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide. Like Glenda, it will definitely leave a mark not only in the hearts of the moviegoers but also in the Philippine entertainment scene because it proved that the Filipino creative talents from the original book where it was based up to creatives of our movie industry could come up with something local that our youth can enjoy that can compete with the western competition in the same genre.

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