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What Really Makes A Modern Sophisticated Kitchen

People always dream of  modern kitchen with industrial stainless steel cooking range, granite kitchen tops, an sophisticatedly light cabinets and the works. However, one thing that really defines a modern sophisticated kitchen is the cooking ware and utensils that are used everyday in cooking. It’s the  items that touches the food being prepared and cooked that affects how healthy, how tasty and how easy is to prepare the food that we serve in the dining table.
Recently, I was invited to a cooking demonstration by PUREHEALTH TRADING to a cooking demonstration using their cookware. They sell the HyCite’s Royal Prestige ™ and NutraEase ™ cookware system that is suited for the modern, health conscious and discerning customer. 


An actual cooking demonstration was conducted at the Purehealth Sales Office, where Royal Prestige products were used in cooking traditional dishes in one of the most technologically advanced
cookware in the market. Using state-of-the-art multiple layers of different types of metals, HyCite created a cookware product that combined the benefits of convenience, food safety, durability, and economy.

In a matter of 40 minutes the cooks whipped up six dishes:
  • Ovenless Cheesy Baked Macaroni
  • Greasless Crispy Lechon Kawali
  • Greasless Crispy Fried Chicken
  • Waterless Sinigang na Hipon
  • Oven-top Grilled Boneless Bangus
  • Ovenless Baked Chicken
The Ovenless Cheesy Baked Macaroni was cooked in only 30 minutes using the Royal Prestige™10.5-inch Skillet. Normally it would take 1-2 hours to create Baked Macaroni the traditional way, cooking the beef and pasta separately and then adding the other ingredients when both the beef and pasta are done. This time has been cut in half with the Royal Prestige cookware technology.
Greaseless Lechon Kawali from the pork liempo seasoned with just salt & pepper is also cooked in the 10.5-inch Royal Prestige skillet, and is directly placed on the oil-less cookware and allowed to grill until its own fat melts into the pan and fries the meat to exquisite Lechon Kawali perfection.
Finally, ovenlees baked chicken that has been allowed to marinate in a simple mixture of sale, pepper and spices like thyme or dill is put directly into the skillet and allowed to bake into soft, herby, tasty pieces.
The Greasless Crispy Fried Chicken, seasoned only with salt & pepper came out exactly as described, crispy and tasty, without the boiled-out flavorless texture of fast-food fried chicken. The health benefit in using the 14-inch Royal Prestige ® Innove ™ Paella Pan is that one does not have to use cooking oil anymore, with the additional health hazards of using commercial cooking oil. The chicken fry in their own fat, so to speak, imparting a delicious, tasty flavor to the meat.
Waterless Sinigang na Hipon is a contradiction of sorts, since Sinigang is actually a soupy dish. What is meant by the name is that this kind of sinigang is made without having to add extra water, which tends to wash away the nutrients of the vegetables in the pot. Cooked in a 4-quart NutraEase™ Dutch Oven, the vegetable ingredients such as stringbeans, radish, patola, okra, onion and tomatoes are thrown in to the pot all together.

 Mix in the juice of 24 limes or kalamansi, a teaspoon of fish sauce, and then the shrimp, and after a few minutes you have Sinigang. It’s always a pleasure lifting the cover of the Dutch Oven to witness the finished dish, complete with soup, even if you did not put in any water. The soup came from the natural water content of the vegetables.

The Oven-top Grilled Bangus was cooked on a Royal Prestige ™ Top Range Round Griddle, whose corrugated surface gave the bangus the requisite grill-stripes when done.
The cooking demonstration proved that their cookware is state-of-the-art, allows the elimination of cooking oil in cooking, use only low to medium heat resulting in great power saving, prevents nutrients being leached away into the water. 
Furthermore, the cookware looks very, very good on the stove top and makes statement about the owner, as one who is not only health conscious, but also technologically-advanced.  The cookware that is beautifully designed to fit their equally beautiful kitchens. In addition,  it is also user-friendly once the basics of usage are learned.
Short Video of the Cooking Demo

HyCite’s precision-built cookware products are so well-crafted that the company puts its trust behind it enough to give it a 50-year warranty, practically a lifetime. 
For more info, please check out their official website: If you want to go straight to the cookware systems, please click or go to
For interested parties please contact Ms. Millicent Joy Isaac at mobile no. 0922-883-7284 or 799-4237, and her e-mail address at

Credits: product photos from Royal Prestige website

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