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MEDPadala – A Great Solution for OFWs

Having experienced being an OFW in the Middle East for almost 30 years, I can easily relate to the hassles of sending money for various needs of my dependents, family and relatives especially for medical needs such as medicines (maintenance and as required) and medical supplies.

However, relatives who requires medical assistance sometimes divert the money you have sent them to other needs such as food, recreation, or worst in vices.  Although the purpose of sending the money is for the medical care, medicines are not always not a “top of mind” concern until something actually happens that will require it.  It’s not practical to ask them to account and track the things they used the money for. It sometimes leads to arguments leading to breakdown of family relationships.

For medicine and medical supplies, Generika Drugstores offers a solution called MedPadala for those who regularly send money to their dependents for these purposes.

What is MedPadala?

MedPadala is an eGC (electronic gift certificate) you can buy in various denominations that you or your intended beneficiary can use to purchase medicines and medical supplies at all Generika Drugstore nationwide.

How do my intended beneficiary use it?

Once you bought a MedPadala eGC, just send them the MedPadala Code + the security PIN via e-mail, sms, phone call, or any other communications medium.

With these details, they can go to any of the more than 500 branches of Generika Drugstore nationwide to purchase the medicines and medical supplies they require.

When they are in the cashier to pay, they will just present the Medpadala code to the cashier. The cashier will enter the Medpadala code and your beneficiary will be asked to type the security pin using a special keyboard so that the security PIN will not be compromised. After successful validation, the total amount of the purchase will be deducted from the balance of the eGC.

Note: Instruct your beneficiary NOT to divulge the security PIN to the cashier.

What are the limitations of the MedPadala eGC? Do they have to consume the eGC amount in 1 transaction? Is there a expiry/validity date?

The MedPadala eGC is as good as cash and does not have expiry or validity date. As long as there is still balance, you / your beneficiary and use it any number of times until the balance is exhausted. They can buy from multiple branches multiple visits as long as the balance is not yet consumed.

Can I track what my beneficiaries are buying using the MedPadala?

Yes, you can. All transactions are recorded in the system and can be retrieved if you register the eGC online.

How/Where Can I Buy the Medpadala eGC?

  • MedPadala can be purchased online via the website at www.medpadala.com.ph. Payment can be made using Visa or Mastercard, online banking or any payment center accredited by DragonPay.
  • Purchase it from any of the Generika Drugstore nationwide
  • Buy from their accredited merchant partners: LBC and through Vmobile technopreneurs.

For more details about Medpadala, visit the MedPadala website or their FAQ.

All of these are applicable also not only for OFWs but also for:

  • people who work far away from their dependents
  • someone requires medicines that is far away (no need to send money, just send them the eGC)
  • budgeting your medicine (like prepaid, buy at payday and use accordingly so you don’t run out of cash for your regular medicine supply) 

MedPadala is a very useful option not only for the OFWs but also for the above mentioned purposes.
The product was actually a response from the needs of Generika’s customers. Generika has over the years consistently provided service above and beyond that of just selling affordable medicines. They provide affordable medical tests, free on site consultation to name a few. Their medicines are cheaper because it is generic but are sourced from reliable suppliers and kept in temperature controlled environment to maintain their effectiveness.

MedPadala is a testament of Generika as a Filipino company listens attentively and responds wholeheartedly to the needs of Filipinos not only here in the Philippines but everywhere in the world.

Credits: photos from MedPadala website

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