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Food Review: Hot and Tasty Food at Just Thai

I just love Thai food. Would you believe that my first encounter with Thai food was in the State of Bahrain (Middle East) and fell more in love with it while I was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!  I remember going to a  birthday party of a Thai friend of a friend and they served a big pot of seafood Tom Yum where half of the pot was filled with seafood mix of crabs, squids, shrimps and fish. From that day on, my love story with Thai cuisine started.

When blogger friend Kenny of invited me to Just Thai for a food review and a meeting for our team of our new lifestyle show called ShortList.PH, without hesitation I booked it in my calendar.

Together with Carlo, Rodel and Kenny, blogger friends and partners for ShortList.PH, we met there for the food review.


We ordered different drinks to try them out. Just Thai serves different beverages from fruit juices, sodas, to more exotic Thai drinks. These are some of the Thai drinks we tried.

Thai Iced Coffe Php 120

Thai coffee is a must try for coffee lovers.

Tamarind Juice Php. 80

This is my favorite, the Tamarind Juice. I just love the tanginess and sweetness of tamarind the way they blended it. If you are into sweet and sour, you should not miss it!

Lemon Grass Juice Php. 80

Lemon Grass Juice is ideal for someone who likes a lighter drink. The “tanglad” flavor is a bit of an acquired taste but definitely healthy.


Here comes my favorite part in Thai food, the soup!

Tom Yum Php. 190

My standard order when I go to Thai includes the classic Tom Yum (Thai Hot and Sour Clear soup), preferably the Tom Yum Kung (with Shrimps). The soup size serves 2-3. I like it spicy. The chef underestimated or was very careful with the spiciness level of the soup so I did not get the level I wanted. So we instructed the service staff to tell the Chef that we want it a notch or two spicier which the Chef accommodated with the dishes that followed.

Tom Kha Gai Php. 190

If you are want a change from favorite Tom Yum, order the Tom Kha Gai, a slightly thicker chicken soup in coconut broth and lemon grass. First time I tried it and I liked it.


Thai appetizers are quite tasty and eating too much fills you up before the main course.

Gai Sate Php. 290

We tried the Gai Sate which is tender chicken marinated in curried coconut milk and served with peanut sauce.

Poh Pia Tod Php. 260

I was fascinated how tasty this Poh Pia Tod spring rolls were that I have to open one to see what are the fillings. One thing I found it had glass noodles as filling. Delicious and a must to include in your order.


We tried two varieties of Thai fried rice.

Khao Krok Kapi (Bagoong Rice) Php. 250

If there’s one reason for me to go back to Just Thai, this Bagoong Rice will be the one! This fried rice with “bagoong” (shrimp paste), sweetened pork, egg and shreds of green mango served deconstructed when mixed together blends into a concoction of culinary delight! A winner!

Khao Pad Phed Neua (Spicy Beef Fried Rice) Php. 290

For someone who loves spicy food, try this Spicy Beef Fried Rice.


Now for the mains. We got of selection from noodles, chicken and to seafood dishes.

Pad Thai Php. 280

We started with the classic Pad Thai, stir fried rice noodles, one of Thailand’s national dishes.

Pad Phak Kung Sod (Brocolli with Carrots & Shrimp) Php. 250

This vegetable dish accented by shrimp is a good light and healthy viand.

Gaeng Khiao Wan Gai (Chicken in Green Curry) Php. 380

The chicken in green curry will delight curry lovers.

Pad Pak Boong (Kangkong with Bagoong) Php. 190

Another “healthy” disk is this kangkong with “bagoong”.

Kung Kratiem (Prawns in Garlic & Pepper) Php. 500

For shrimp lovers, this prawns in garlic and pepper is definitely a treat with generous portions of shrimps.

Pla Rad Pik (Crispy Tilapia Fillet) Php. 395

 Next was the tilapia fillet deep fried and served with tamarind and sweet chili sauce.

Pad Gaprow Talay (Mix Seafood in Basil) Php. 280

One of their best seller is the mix seafood in Basil. The red curry taste good accented by the basil leaves.  Now I know why it’s their best seller. A must in your main courses order.

Bplah Pla Muek Kratiem (Squid with Garlic and Pepper) Php. 300

Another seafood preparation was the squid in garlic and pepper.


To cap the big meal, we were served two desserts.

Tha Kho (Coconut Pudding wrapped in Pandan Leaves) Php. 140

This very delectable Coconut Pudding was very tasty. It’s like “maha blanca” but tastier. This dessert is worth having.

Khao Niaow Ma Muang (Mango Slices over Sticky Rice)

This flower shaped dessert is the one you don’t want to eat because it so beautifully arranged. Once you got the guts to cut it and eat it, it’s also a delightful to the tongue in addition to the eyes.

The Place

Located at the shopping and dining strip of Burgos Circle area, Just Thai is quite accessible with plenty of parking at the paid parking areas.

The ambiance of the area is ideal for dining and the Asian inspired decorations gives it a peacefully relaxing mood.

Ground Floor Dining Area

Second Floor Dining Area

Ground Floor dining area



They also have an Alfresco area for smokers or if you just want fresh air and see the crowd that strolls around the arcade.


The big feast we had was a treat. I love the dishes and have my favorites as mentioned above.  The availability of the parking makes it easy for car owners to visit. The ambiance and relaxing mood ideal for dining makes it ideal for a dining out.  The service is also very good.
The quality of the ingredients used justifies the mid price range of the dishes and definitely value for money.

With the ShortList.PH team meeting and dining at Just Thai

I highly recommend Just Thai and it’s definitely one of my new favorite restaurants. I will definitely visit it when I crave for good Thai food. 

The have 3 Branches:

  • Forbestown (Burgos Circle) Fort Bonifacio 403-8718
  • Prism Plaza, TwoE-Com Center, Manila Bay (near MOA) 519-8135
  • Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang 808-4058 

For updates and promos, visit Just Thai Facebook Page.

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