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Abra and Raymund Marasigan: New Colt 45 Ambassadors with Sanib Pwersa

Last June 11, 2014 at Hard Rock Cafe, Makati, Colt 45 unveiled the new design and formulation of their beer. Furthermore, they have revealed their two new brand ambassadors: Filipino hip hop sensation Abra and Filipino rock icon Raymund Marasigan.

The fist bump, replacing the high five, is now the “in” thing when Pinoys greet their friends. Colt 45 embraces this new trend but Filipinized it by calling it “Sanib Pwersa”.  This became the new campaign mantra as Colt 45 re-introduces itself to the Philippines with its latest “brewed for brotherhood” campaign. “Sanib Pwersa” means more to Filipinos than just a simple hand gesture among friends but it also represents sincerity and loyalty.

With the new concept, they commissioned hip hop star Abra and Filipino rock icon Raymund Marasigan, to join forces and write a song about “Sanib Pwersa” to celebrate the depth of friendship and brotherhood the brand encourages.

“It is always a delight to sing songs that celebrate the Filipino, and in the case of Sanib Pwersa, we celebrate the brotherhood that is uniquely ours,” shares Raymund. “Sanib Pwersa is about the story of Filipino brotherhood. How each and everyone contributes something to the table and how great things happen when you and your bros come together.”

“Well, I guess people have heard me do a lot of collaborations with other artists but it is the first time for me to do a collaboration that mixes rap and rock, and with none other than the Raymund Marasigan,” adds Abra.

We also tried the new Colt 45 new reformulation, less bitter and better.

The new Colt 45 is now available in Padi’s Point, major supermarkets, 7-11, and sari-sari stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of Php 21 per bottle.  

For more details, visit their Facebook community page, Colt 45 Philippines, and follow them on Twitter at @Colt45PH or subscribe also to our Youtube channel Colt 45 Philippines.


Preview of the MTV / TV commercial

Fan boy photo with Raymund

Fan boy photo with Abra

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