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“Fun with Philip” – a new Lifestyle Show at GMA News TV

Philip Abadicio puts fun in his new Lifestyle show “Fun with Philip”. His latest TV show, airs on GMA News TV every Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. starting on June 14, 2014.

So how did Philip end-up to be in lifestyle? After finishing college in U.P. Diliman, Philip and his friends setup Wild Life, a clothing store catering to cool high school and college kids. One of the secret of their success is that they used the heartthrobs and sweethearts of the top schools. This marketing strategy was very successful. The lifestyle editor of the Manila Times took notice of Wild Life and invited Philip to be a contributor in the publication.

He ventured into lifestyle news—food, fashion, parties, beautiful people, travel. His job opened doors and several lifestyle experiences for him. “My network expanded and I realized I really loved lifestyle news and coverage,” he shares.

“In the 90s and 2000’s lifestyle was mostly for the affluent, done in English and always featuring high-end products and services,” he relates. Things have changed since then. In the age of reality TV and social media, lifestyle is no longer just for the rich and those who can afford it.

After 2 seasons each of “It’s More Fun with Philip” and “Philip Lifestyle Guy,” the objective of making sure lifestyle is understood and appreciated by a wider audience has been started. In the latest offering, “Fun with Philip,” the agenda to help and entertain is pushed even further. Chosen letter senders will experience the food, beauty treatments, fitness regimen, etc. that are featured on the show. More than this, contests both on-air and online via www.philipabadicio.com will give viewers more chances of enjoying the lifestyle features on the show.


A segment called Kwentuhang Kumot, where Philip interviews a celebrity under the sheets as he or she reveals untold secrets, will be there. Philip will also bring the occasional American tourist, Jeffrey Whitney, around the Philippines so he will be obliged to speak Filipino and try the various food, culture and lifestyles.

Philip will be joined by his FunKicks, the sidekicks who will help provide more fun. They are Lucky Mercado as the arrogant, macho man in “Lucky Strikes”, Madam Venus roaming the streets of Metro Manila and letting people try various lifestyle elements as she suddenly reads their fortunes in “Larangan ng Kapalaran”, Bryan Santos is a real fitness coach and will be the conscience of the show after too much eating as the “Exercise Expert”, and Hilda Ehrenberg will be the ditzy female model “Bru-Hilda”.

Other segments are:

Philip’s Finds, Phil-up, Fixer-uppers, Cooking & Dining, Signs of Designs, Beauty & Beyond, Fit na Fit, Tech E, I Saw the Sign, watchathin?, Skits and Contests.

Cast (L-R): Hilda Ehrenberg “Bru-Hilda”, Madam Venus, Philip Abadicio, Bryan Santos and Lucky Mercado

“The show will be a lot of fun while you learn something new and you can apply it in your lives plus, you just might win prizes too,” Philip says. “Fun with Philip” will not have a formula, so expect the unexpected.

“Fun with Philip” is produced by The Lifestylers Media, and directed by Tootoots Leyesa and written by Rod Divinagracia. It will air on GMA News TV every Saturday and Sunday, from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. starting on June 14, 2014.

Director Tootoots Leyesa

 More Photos from the Media Launch

Lucky Mercado, Philip’s high-class lifestyle “interpreter”


Philip presenting “Bru-Hilda”

“Bru-Hilda” saying greeting the media
Bryan Santos, the fitness coach,telling us how many push-ups we have to do after eating the Crispy Pata. Believe me, he will do the same thing in the show as the fitness conscience

The bubly Madam Venus, the fortune teller

Fan boy mode with Philip

Madam Venus even telling my fortune while having this photo with her and “Bru-Hilda”

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