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A Quick Review: Maybe This Time Movie

After attending a food event, I invited a fellow blogger to watch “Maybe This Time” movie. He replied to me that if I have not watched Maleficent yet, why would I see “Maybe This Time” first. I told him that after attending the Grand Presscon and the Blogcon, I was excited to see the movie from the question and answer sessions during these two media coverages that I did. I concluded that Star Cinema have spent a lot of thoughts and efforts to do this movie from the storyline itself.

I decided to watch the movie by myself since 2 of the persons I asked were not interested to watch that time.  So I headed to SM North to watch the movie. It was the 9:30 p.m. show that I chose.

Quick Review

I won’t do the usual plot narrative but will go straight to the review. Check out my 2 previous articles for plot details and casting: Grand Presscon and the Blogcon.

I would classify this movie more of a romantic comedy with “heavy drama”. The “heavy drama” is not your typical tele-serye type of drama, maybe a bit, but more of a emotion-jerker of Filipino values.  It’s not your typical rich girl, poor boy love story as well. There a lots of light comedic moments delivered by Coco Martin and most notably by Ogie Diaz who plays the role of Coco’s “governess”.

It’s definitely a predictable movie where everyone knows that the characters of Sarah’s Step and Coco’s Tonio are perfect for each other. However, I compare it to climbing a mountain; that you know that once your reach the peak, you will see the “sea of clouds” but it is the enjoyable but “painful” journey of how the two characters reached the peak.  From the “kilig” moments, the  occasional funny scenes and to  the “heavy” painful/tearful drama of the consequences of their actions/situations, made the movie a delight to experience and watch.

The movie was a light tear-jerker for an emotional sentimental hopeless romantic like me but it made me feel good as well in the end.

Therfore, my verdict is if you enjoy romantic comedy that is a bit “emotional”, you will definitely enjoy this movie “Maybe This Time”.

Sarah’s acting has definitely leveled up and Coco Martin is not your Juan dela Cruz or Samuel character type here. As mentioned in the  Blogcon, Coco was “coached” not to use his very “physical” type of acting in the movie, so you will see a very different Coco in terms of drama acting.

Ruffa’s casting was perfect. No one else can fit the shoe. I enjoyed Ogie Diaz’s role as Coco’s “governess”.

Great work for the creative team for the story and the screenplay.  Photography was also better than your typical pinoy movies.  The movie got a ‘B’ rating from CEB for its artistic and technical merits.

I rate it 4 out of 5 not for making me laugh but more for making me cry and making me feel good. I came out of the movie with my expectations not only met but also exceeded. Now I have more faith in Pinoy movies in this genre of romcoms after seeing Maybe This Time and Starting Over Again.

I just know when people have enjoyed the movie. While in the toilet, some guys were stuck with LSS of the theme song 🙂   I will definitely vote it as one of the best movie theme songs for this year the way Sarah Geronimo sang it.

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