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mEAT Your Heart Out at Livestock Restaurant and Bar

If you are a meat lover and looking for a restaurant to satisfy your carnivore cravings, Livestock Restaurant and Bar is one of the best place to dine.  Actually, one of the reason to visit this resto for me is not even a meat dish, so it is a place not only for meat lovers but for any foodie who enjoys good food and great ambiance.

The Place

Photo of The Livestock Restaurant and Bar
The Livestock Restaurant and Bar

Interiors are very spacious. The air-conditioned ground floor area is quite large.

Ground Floor
There is a bar area also on the ground floor.


View from the 2nd floor of the ground floor bar

From the ground floor stairs, going to the mezzanine, there is a al-fresco area which is also used during BBQ nights. This serve as the smoking area as well.

The mezzanine floor Al-fresco Area

From the mezzanine, you can climb the stairs to go to the 2nd floor seeing this funny mural of the evolution according to Livestock.

The second floor houses the function room that can accomodate 80 to 100 guests. It is complete with it’s own bar and audio-visual entertainment equipment for parties, conferences and other private functions.

The 2nd floor function room

Next to the function room, you can access an al-fresco lounging area ideal for lazing around with friends or family. The lounge is a good place to hangout for drinks and pica-pica.

2nd floor Lounging area

The view of the ground floor from the corridor leading to the lounging area

The ambiance of the place is very good. It has a classy atmosphere great for relaxing and entertaining guests.

Yours truly, Ted Claudio, at the bar


We have tried a variety of their dishes including their signature meat and non-meat dishes. Here are the selection of dishes we were served to try.


Drunken Mussels (Php 330):  Looks like a soup but for of a appetizer, this dish of Fresh mussels simmerred in beer broth, thus the name “Drunken”,  seasoned with herbs, and is served with toasts. The “soup” is quite flavorful but not too heavy making it an ideal appetizer.

photo of Drunken Mussles
Drunken Mussles


Livestock Caesar Salad (Php 230):  Not just another one of your typical Caesar Salad of Romaine lettuce tossed ceasar dressing, it is accented with crispy pork belly to replace the typical bacon toppings. I like the pork belly pieces (not bits), it’s just the right size and surprisingly not oily.

Photo of Livestock Caesar Salad dish
Livestock Caesar Salad


Lechon Tom Yum (Php 320):  A very authentic classic Thai Tom Yum Goong (shrimp hot and sour soup) with an assortment of mushroom and vegetables, by itself is already yummy. But wait, it also served with an added treat of crunchy pork lechon kawali! It’s a double delight that can turn a seafood lover to a carnivore.

Photo of Lechon Tom Yum dish
Lechon Tom Yum


Non-Pork Main Dishes

Four Egg Spinach (Php 230):  It is healthy spinach sauteed with varieties of eggs: century egg, egg whites, salted duck egg, and then topped with a cute little sunny side-up of quail eggs. This is a very “eggciting” and “eggcelent” dish 🙂

Photo of Four Egg Spinach dish
Four Egg Spinach

Mushroom Duxelles Fish Fillet (Php289):  A typical duxelles is chopped mix of mushrooms, onions, shallots, and herbs sauteed in butter and reduced to a sauce. This duxelles used shitake and button mushrooms sauteed to a creamy sauce to entirely cover with flavor a fillet of cream dory fish in lemon butter caper sauce. This french style dish is in my opinion, one of the reasons why you should try Livestock!

Photo of Mushroom Duxelles Fish Fillet Dish
Mushroom Duxelles Fish Fillet

Non-Pork Main Dishes

Dis Kabob (Php 295):  This Livestock version of broiled skewered kebab pork sides with bell peppers and onions reminds me of the flavors of my favorite Turkish meat grills when I was working in the Middle East. The spices in the marinade makes this BBQ quite authentic to the Mediterranean / Arabic flavors that I now miss here in the Philippines.

Photos of Dis Kebob (Pork Kebabs)
Dis Kebob (Pork Kebabs)
Photos of Dis Kebob (Pork Kebabs) dish
Dis Kebob (Pork Kebabs)

Melts In Your Mouth Crispy Pata (Php 590):  If you are looking for the combination of the crispiest skin and most tender meat of crispy pata, then Livestock Resto is where you find it. It is served with popsicle stick that you can use to slice the crispy pata.  If you don’t believe me, watch the video.

Photo of Melts in Your Mouth Crispy Pata dish
Melts in Your Mouth Crispy Pata

Video of the slicing of the Melts in Your Mouth Crispy Pata using a popsicle stick

Photo of Sliced Melts in Your Mouth Crispy Pata dish
Sliced Melts in Your Mouth Crispy Pata

Me enjoying the Melts in Your Mouth Crispy Pata

Livestock Crackling Pork Belly:  Very tender pork belly roll stuffed with fresh herbs and roasted. With a crackling crispy pork skin wrapped around the tasty pork meat, this roast dish can easily be a classic in the Filipino roast like a lechon but with more class like it’s foreign counterparts.


  • 300 grams (Php 290)
  • 500 grams (Php 490)
  • per 1 kilo (Php 895)
photo of Crackling Pork Belly dish
Crackling Pork Belly


Mushroom Pilaf Rice (Petite for 2 – Php 130, Grande for 4 Php 348):  For rice to eat with the variety of dishes, we were served with this rice with fresh button and shitake mushrooms simmered in chicken stock.

(photo to follow)


Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich (Php 180):   For desserts, we delighted in this yummy Ice Cream with caramelized bacon on top of french toast with good servings of maple syrup.  Something new to try.

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Livestock Resto and Bar.  The selection of food from their signature meat dishes and their non-meat dishes.  The place is very cozy and the ambiance is very classy and relaxing.  I highly recommend Livestock.

For reservations, you can call (02) 332 0409 or e-mail them at livestock913@yahoo.com.
For more info and updates, visit their Facebook Page or follow their Instagram account.

Livestock Resto and Bar is one of the restaurants at the Jardin De Zenaida (formerly Esquinita Compound) located at 34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave. Brgy. South Triangle,  Quezon City.  Parking is available at the compound or at the streets.

Parking area at the compound

Thank you to Mr. Philip, The Lifestyle Guy through Mr. Enzo of JuanManilaExpress.com for the invitation to try out this great restaurant.

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