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How I Will Save Money Using Unilever’s PureIT Water Filtration System

In Metro Manila, your only safe option for drinking water is to buy from reputable neighborhood water stations. It usually cost Php 25 to 35 for mineral, purified water per container. If you have a big family and consumes a lot of drinking water, the cost of potable water makes a big dent in the home budget.

I was recently invited by Unilever in a press-con about their new water purification system called Pure It.  I learned about the product and Unilever gave us a free unit to test and use at home.

Pure It system has the following advantages compared to other home filtration system.

How Does It Purify

  1. The sediment filter removes visible dirt.
  2. The germkill processor targets and removes bacteria and harmful viruses.
  3. The microfiber mesh removes precipitated metallic impurities.
  4. The carbon polisher harmful parasites and chlorine. This makes the water clear, odorless and great tasting.
  5. The last stage, using the microcharged membrane, purifies the water again and removes harmful parasites giving the assurance of double protection.

I have been using it now for almost 2 weeks and very happy with the product. We have not ordered from the water station after using it.

Here is a video of my PureIt system filling in one of my water bottles.

The unit retails at Php 5,000 and comes complete with the initial kit and 1 year warranty.  Approximately every 1,500 liters you filter, you have to buy the PureIt Germkill kit that only cost Php 1,000 pesos which is approximately Php 12 pesos per 18.5 liters bottle.

I’m on the average uses around 4 bottles per week, pays Php 30 per bottle for purified water and I estimate the savings of approximately Php 283 per month and I’m assured of the quality of the water since we purify it ourselves.

Another advantage is that in case of emergencies where potable water will be an issue, I can depend on using the PureIt system for clean, safe, potable drinking water. It is also ideal also for locations in areas that are far away from water stations.

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