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The BrainFit Advantage To Help Your Children Perform Better in School

Help your child excel through Brain Fitness! The BrainFit Advantage is the success secret of Top Performers in Class.  BrainFit Advantage promotes Better Comprehension, Better Penmanship, Longer Attention Span, Higher Self Esteem, Faster Learning and a Happier Child.

If you want our child to be better performers you should get him/her brain fit, in the way that suits him/her. Brain fitness training programmes are available at BrainFit Studio.


BrainFit Studio is the leading provider of the most up-to-date neuro-scientific-based brain fitness training programs in Asia. It started in Singapore last 2011 and was founded by a team of therapists led by Ms. Cheryl Chia, current Director, who are all passionate about maximizing human potential and transforming lives. It has since expanded across Southeast Asia and has presence in several countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and the Philippines.  BrainFit Studio Philppines opened its doors in 2011.  It is spearheaded by a group of individuals who are experts in the fields of education and health care.  Currently, BrainFit Studio Philippines has two centers – Greenhills and Binondo- and another center in Makati is opening in April 2014.


Similar to physical fitness, which is our foundational body skills that influences our performance in sports, brain fitness is our foundational brain skills which influence learning and achievement in school, work and daily life.  These brain pillars namely, attention, visual, auditory,sensory-motor and socio-emotions  ultimately impact how we acquire new knowledge, retain information, apply learning, and perform to excellence.

Recent brain scan research has also shown that brain fitness is closely linked to our IQ and EQ.  Intelligence does not reside in any one part of the brain but rather involves a network of interconnections among the critical brain areas namely attention and working memory, language, visual and body perception.  Therefore, when we build brain fitness in these pillars, we are actually strengthening the brain networks that make us more intelligent! Simply put, a fit brain means an intelligent brain.


BrainFit Studio uses the SMART protocol for brain fitness training

  • Set personal objectives
  • Measure with CognitiveMAP
  • Adapt Activities to abilities
  • Re-wire through focused practice
  • Transform brain for total performance

The SMART Alternative for your child’s enrichment!

SENSORY MOTOR – SMART Moves aims to strengthen our children’s sensory motor brain pillars using a powerful, proven and personalized gym-based programme that enhances gross motor skills (core stability, balance and coordination, motor planning) as well as fine motor skills.

VISION – SMART Vision aims to rapidly improve our children’s visual brain pillar series of movement activities that strengthen eye movement control and visual spatial organization as well as table-top activities that enhance visual memory and visual motor integration

AUDITORY – SMART listening uses patented technology to target rapid improvements in listening and language skills, both crucial for your child’s successful learning and communication.

ATTENTION – SMART focus uses state-of-the-art neuro-feedback technology used by NASA and the US Air Force to effectively build key cognitive and attention skills for peak performance.

EMOTIONS – SMART emotions aims to build emotional intelligence in children aged 6 to 16 yers old through proven methodologies based on the successful Learned Optimism, Paths, and Motivation & Engagement and Aussie Optimism programmes from USA and Australia.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: www.brainfitstudio.com Or call 7258500/6682719/ 09175991992 FOR A FREE TRIAL

Brainfit Studio Philippines opens its Branch in Makati on April 1, 2014.  Before the opening Brainfit Studio has an open house activities scheduled on March 26-27, 2014 in Makati.  Parents attending the open house can take advantage of the 50% discount on CogMap assessment, a proprietary tool used to measure and analyze the brain fitness level or cognitive skill of a student.

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