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GALEMA, Anak ni Zuma Ending Presscon

The presscon of the epic ending of GALEMA, ANAK NI ZUMA (Galema, daughter of Zuma) was held at The Lounge, Tomas Morato yesterday, March 11, 2014. The finale will be on March 28, 2014, and the last three weeks of GALEMA, ANAK NI ZUMAwill feature Kamandag laban sa kamandag (Venom against Venom), Ama laban sa Anak (Father versus Daughter), Anak laban sa Ina (Daughter versus Mother).
The presscon was headed by GALEMA, being played by Andi Eigenmann, her leading man, MORGAN (Matteo Guidicelli), her mother in the series, GALELA (Ms. Sheryl Cruz), and Director Wenn Deramas. Later that day, the media people and bloggers were presented with ZUMA in costume(Derick Hubalde).

Galema was a dream project by Director Wenn Deramas; it was back in 2005 when he told the management about the project but it took 8 years before the management agreed. It was in 2013 (year of the snake) when he pitched the idea again to the management who this time, agreed to make the Galema project possible.

Aside from snakes, Director Wenn Deramas joked that he wants to do a fantaserye (fantasy series) about dinosaurs. Joking aside, Director Wenn Deramas said that he wanted to do another fantaserye but they have not bought the rights yet. He also revealed that his next project would beINDAY BOTE, starring the love team of Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad.

When asked what would the viewers watch out for in the final three weeks of the series, Director Wenn Deramas assured us that the next three weeks would be very exciting. The ending will be very different from ZUMA, the movie and from the original comics version by Jim Fernandez.  Since Galema already battled Zuma twice and was able to decapitate Zuma’s head, the TV series would be focusing on the battle of Galema versus her mother Galela, played by Andi Eigenmann and Sheryl Cruz, respectively.
The struggle will not only be for the two characters but with Galela’s conscience as well since Galema is her daughter. It would be very exciting also to watch how Galela would fight the evil venom implanted inside her by Zuma. Galela will transform into a snake woman and fight Galema to the death. Will Galela able to kill Galema, who she has learned to love?

Director Wenn Deramas hinted that Sofia is the most powerful being in the series and she would be playing a big role in the ending of the series. In the movie and comics version, Sofia killed Morgan but the TV series is expected to have a different twist as Director Wenn assured everyone that the ending will not reflect the same ending it had on the movie and the comics version. Sofia was even present during the press conference.

As for the similarities of appearance of Galela to Medusa (mythological being), Director Wenn told everyone that it was not inspired by Medusa, drawings and drafts were done by their creative department and they selected the look that best captures Galela’s transformation. As for deaths and surprises from the main cast, he hinted that viewers should watch out since he will be filming a “surprise” in the next few days. Sheryl was challenged with the transformation of Galela to a snake woman since she will be wearing a huge tail and have her skin colored just like Zuma.

Director Wenn Deramas challenged everyone to ask them challenging questions about love life and intrigues. Someone asked if there is a possibility that Andi and Matteo could be an item, which the two denied, saying their friendship is more important and that they were like brother and sister, “parang aso’t pusa”, Director Wenn added, which the two agreed on.

Director Wenn Deramas even made Matteo blush when he answered someone who asked him about Matteo’s love life. The question was what was the reason why the girl Matteo is courting hasn’t said yes yet. Director Wenn, replied with a smirk and with a controversial answer, “What makes you think so?”, making others believe that there might already be someone special in Matteo’s life right now.

As for his love life, Wenn Deramas said he’s really happy right now though he mentioned there were a lot of “snakes” he met in the past.

Everyone, except for Wenn Deramas, was afraid of snakes but during the shooting of the TV series, the cast and crew have learned to love snakes. Andi even almost purchased a snake but she became worried about her own daughter’s safety so she decided not to own a pet snake.

Matteo and Sheryl were both afraid of snakes but overcame their fears when they saw how comfortable the rest of the people are with snakes. Director Wenn revealed that it was the men in the set who were terrified of snakes and he even singled out Boom Labrusca (as Louie Villalobos) as the person who was the most afraid, he was even afraid of Sofia, which was really harmless.

The most difficult part to shoot in the TV series was the one with the casket floating on water, since the casket was made of fiber glass, it was difficult to maneuver and raise up, plus water was already sipping through. The action sequence in the initial telecast was already difficult for the director, he kidded that he almost killed Zuma during that sequence.

Speaking of action sequences, Eigenmann expressed her desire to do action films or TV series as he told everyone that when she is doing action sequences, she really gives it her all and she really enjoys them.

“Watch the epic ending & see what has never before seen in any TV series or movie.”, that’s the promise made by Director Wenn Deramas. So don’t forget to watch the last three weeks of Galema, anak ni Zuma at ABS-CBN, every weekdays, 4:20 P.M.

See the videos of the actual presscon here:

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