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Robocop 2014 Movie Review: Pop or Flop?

Robocop, the original versions shown 1987, was a big hit and a cult classic for sci-fi action fans. 27 years later, a rebooted version of Robocop is showing this February.  Is it Pop or Flop?

Movie Trailer

This new version of the sci-fi action crime movie was quite star studded with big stars in the cast.

Main Cast:

  • Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy / RoboCop
  • Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton,  creator of RoboCop.
  • Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellars, the villainous CEO of OmniCorp.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Patrick “Pat” Novak, host of The Novak Element and prominent supporter of mechanized crime control.
  • Abbie Cornish as Clara Murphy, Alex’s wife.
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Rick Mattox, a military tactician responsible for training RoboCop

The inclusion of big names like Gary, Michael, Samuel makes a statement.  They were not just pretty faces included but each one of them have quite valuable part in the story.

The movie centers on OmniCorp, a major military supplier of mechanized enforcers for US foreign war requirements. With the the villainous CEO of OmniCorp played by Michael Keaton, they want to get the business of selling mech enforcers for domestic use enticed by the big fortunes this market brings. However, with current law/bill that prohibits mechanized drones deployed in the US, they are trying to figure out a way on how to repeal the law for their business. Enters the Robocop solution.

The struggle for power and control by the corporation, politics, and the family drama of the lead cast Alex Murphy/Robocop played by Joel Kinnaman makes the storyline very gripping.

But when the visor comes down, and Robocop goes into combat mode, the action part begins!

After watching the movie, thanks to Solaire Resorts and Casino invite, I definitely enjoyed the movie.

In my opinion, it is a great remake, utilizing the technology available today, made it a great reboot version.

It’s not only the action, but the drama as well makes the movie quite engaging and entertaininng.
This 2014 Robocop is not just about action and violence, it has a heart and even a brain!

I still love the original but this version definitely thrilled and entertained me. It’s definitely POP!

I give it a 4 stars out of 5!

Robocop is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide.

Thanks again to Solaire Resorts and Casino for the tickets.

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