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Forget Crispy Pata! Now there is Big D’s Smokehouse Twice Fried Ribs

Twice Fried Ribs with Vinegar condiment

If you love the taste of Crispy Pata and love eating pork ribs, then there is a place and a dish that I discovered that I guarantee you will love! The Twice Fried Pork Ribs at Big D’s Smokehouse.

I love the taste of Crispy Pata, the crunchiness of the skin and the tenderness of the lean meat. What I don’t like about Crispy Pata is the oiliness that makes in unhealthy.  With the Twice Fried Pork Ribs, it is more leaner meat with the soft bones tenderized by the cooking and less fat than the former. It’s still fried but as the saying goes “lesser evil”.

This ribs version really resembles the great taste of Crispy Pata, and believe it or not, the fried fattier area of it tastes like Chicharon Bulaklak. Yes, you read it right, that yummy sinfully delightful, Chicharon Bulaklak!

Twice Fried Ribs

The cooking process makes the outer part with a thin crispy layer but not that crispy hard to make it dry and challenging to your teeth / dentures.  The inner part is soft enough and not too dry.

With the vinegar condiment with a bit of kick of spiciness, it is a great enhancer of the flavor and also to neutralize the fried taste. Topped with fried garlic chips, adding more texture and flavor to the dish.

According to Chef Paulo, customers either order it as pulutan or with Garlic Rice as the viand for a meal.

Half slab (280 grams) priced at Php 360 with garlic rice and salsa. A full slab (400 grams) available for Php 495.

It’s definitely something to try and keep coming back to. Perfect as pulutan or as ulam with plain or garlic fried rice.

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