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Cheska Garcia Kramer of Team Kramer Moves On With Confidence

Married to basketball star Doug Kramer, Cheska Garcia-Kramer is the new epitome of a woman happy with her life. She and Doug are blessed with three lovely children Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.

As seen in the Facebook account ‘Team Kramer’, Cheska gives full time support to her family as a loving wife and caring mom. The model,  TV host and actress still manages to find time for several guestings and endorsements, which makes her a super mom. The happy life she lives serves as a model to many women, even to younger girls.

According to Cheska, “I love doing my job, but having three energetic kids made me decide to prioritize my family over my showbiz career. Being a hands-on wife and mom really makes me happier.”

Despite her busy schedule, Cheska makes sure that she takes care of herself, which shows why she looks younger than her age. Giving birth to three children via caesarean section, Cheska maintained her beauty, figure and her flawless skin.

Just last January 22, Cheska Garcia- Kramer was introduced as the newest endorser of Contractubex. She didn’t expect it, she shared how Contractubex helped her regain her confidence despite the scars she got from her pregnancy with her youngest and just turned 1year-old child.

“I used other brands on my c-section scar during my first and second pregnancy but I was not happy with the results. Then I switched to Contractubex after giving birth to Gavin and I liked how my scar lightened with no nodule formation under my skin. In a span of eight months, you can hardly see my scar. Now, I have truly moved on with Contractubex,” Cheska said.

Her gorgeous looks, flawless skin and wonderful family made Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) choose Cheska as the new image model of Contractubex.

“Cheska Garcia-Kramer is the epitome of a woman who has moved on and never allows her busy life stop her from taking care of herself. That’s why MSD is very glad and proud to have her onboard as our new brand ambassador,” said Contractubex brand manager Grace Mendoza.

Contractubex, the world’s number one topical scar treatment, is clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of unsightly marks or scars. Recommended by doctors worldwide, Contractubex has a unique combination of three active ingredients which work their way deep into the scar, reducing scarring from within.

Treating scars with Contractubex is easy. Once the wound is closed, simply apply the gel on the affected area three to four times a day for at least three months. It works on raised problematic scars or cosmetically disfiguring scars like keloids and hypertrophic scars.

“Aside from my c-section scar, I also used Contractubex on Kendra’s scar when she got cut. I really want my children to grow up with flawless skin so I’m happy that Contractubex can be used for children,” Cheska said.

Contractubex is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Merck Sharp and Dohme and is available at all leading drugstores nationwide.

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