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My First Soiree Beaujolais Experience

Last November 20, as part of the tradition that every 3rd Thursday of November, the French region of Beaujolais with the whole of France celebrate at the launch of Beaujolais Nouveau – the “new” wine from the rich and fertile grape fields and wineries of the Beaujolais Region which are noted for their wine.  This is the first time I attended this French event.

“Soirée Beaujolais” was held in Manila Hotel. Organized by “Le Club” of the French Chamber of Commerce, it is a celebration of French culture, its food and particularly the wine. Guests from leaders of the Philippine and French communities from the diplomatic, corporate and social registers attended the event. The Manilla Hotel Tent City was transformed into the likes of the Streets of Paris with the sponsor’s booths arranged to replicate the boulangeries, fromangeries, bistros, salons, boutiques and other quaint shops to make the guest fell as if they were in the streets of Paris complete with street painter, musicians and the likes.

Here are some of my photos and videos of the enjoyable night of French cuisine, culture and wine:





It was a great night of good food, wine and good company!

The event was sponsored by: soireebeaujolais

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