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The Three Essential Requirements of Traveling

With my recent travel to Baguio, I realized the importance of being healthy and fit. Walking around the slopy streets of Baguio, I find myself panting for breath. It just showed the fact that I’m out of shape. I remembered the 3 essentials of a being able to travel:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Health

If one of these is not satisfied, your ability to travel will be greatly affected.

Obviously, without Money, you will not be able to travel. Transport, accommodation, food and miscellaneous expenses will be incurred. Working as an IT Manager, I’m fine with low to medium budget local and nearby ASEAN destinations.

Another factor is Time.  Even if you have money but busy making more money, you won’t have spare time for recreational travel.  Of course, you can avail of leaves if employed.  I’m privileged to have a 5 days’ work weeks schedule so weekends are available plus I can avail of leaves if required.

The last but not the least and in my opinion the most important is Health. If impaired physically due to sickness, obviously you cannot travel. That is why, it is better to travel more when you are still younger and capable if money and time permits as mentioned.

People with less than ideal health situations can still travel but with limitations. Adventurous itineraries will be out of the question though. Activities that require a lot of physical activities like long treks or climb are out of the list.

In the Baguio trip, we got invited to visit a new tourist attraction, Mt. Kalugong Eco Park.  It is a great viewpoint on top of the mountain overlooking the green and bountiful La Trinidad Valley where the strawberry and vegetable farms are located. We travelled by 4-wheel drive up to the cemented part almost halfway to the peak. For the unpaved part, we have to get down and walk the rest of the way to the peak.

The walk and a bit of climb to the viewpoint tested my health. I did make it but panting and resting to catch my breath. I really need to be fitter to be able to tackle my dream adventure destinations in the future.

To improve my fitness, I have to do some of these actions.

Exercise more: I have to go back to my table tennis, badminton and other sports.

Eat wisely: Control my diet and avoid fast-food. With the demanding work schedule, access to healthy food is sometimes an issue. To counter that, I plan to take multivitamins and other food supplements. One of my friends advised me to use Circulan.

I visited the Circulan Facebook Page to check what Circulan is about. The site contains a lot of good health tips. Circulan contains Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic Oil and Lemon Balm. These helps lower the blood pressure, help controls high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reducing stress and anxiety, and promote sleep.

With these steps, I will be able to improve my health and get fitter to complete the three essential requirements of travelling: Money, Time and most importantly HEALTH!

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