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Jollibee’s Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ with Thor Mjolnir Hammer USB Promo Review

cheesy bacon mushroom champ burger

In line with upcoming movie Thor 2: The Dark World, Jollibee launched the new version of The Champ burger: Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ. Loaded with bacon, mushroom and laced with melted cheese, this new variation of one of my favorite burger the Champ is something that I have to try. During lunch time while scouting for IT hardware at SM North EDSA Annex, my office-mates and I had lunch at Jollibee to try it out. I was excited to try it out not only because the Champ is one of my favorite burgers, but because with the meal (Php 165) + additional Php 95, you will get a Thor Mjolnir Hammer 1GB USB drive!

 Thor Mjolnir Hammer USB Drive

Jollibee Thor Mjolnir Hammer USB Drive
Jollibee Thor Mjolnir Hammer USB Drive

After ordering and seated at the table waiting for the burger, I checked out the Thor Mjolnir Hammer USB drive. It look good and solid and heavy! The hammer is quite heavy because of the head making it a good toy but maybe not a practical USB drive to carry around with you. Unfortunately, it did not have any keychain loop for it to be easily attached to a lace making it more impractical to carry around. You might have to do some DIY thing to be able to carry it around easily. However, it is still a good collectible for toy enthusiast due to its good rubber construction!

Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ

jollibee cheesy bacon mushroom Cham Thor USB promo
Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ

The burger arrived after sometime. It was expected that it will take longer than your typical burger order due since Champs are assembled only on order. Looking at the burger, it looks quite impressive loaded with mushroom, bacon and generously teeming with melted cheese. Excited and took a bite. It was not love at first bite. I was expecting the taste of the original champ but the taste was different. Without the tomato, lettuce and a different dressing, it really taste far from the original Champ. With the bacon and the melted cheese, it tasted a bit salty for my taste. I asked my office mates about the saltiness and they said that it was a bit salty as well because of the generous portions of melted cheese and of the bacon. I added some ketchup to counter the saltiness and it help making me enjoy the burger better. I think it’s the trade off of having too much meat and cheese in this overloaded burger which definitely will be enjoyed by meat lovers. My office mate Henry suggested that it should have less cheese.

So what’s my verdict on this burger? I think meat lovers will definitely love it with its overloaded state but might be too much for the average diners. Putting ketchup will definitely help as I did to enjoy it more.

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