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Some Steps That I Will Take For a Healthier Lifestyle

At my age of 50, I should start having a healthier lifestyle. I have mild hypertension but under control now with maintenance medicines. To enjoy a healthier and longer life, I have to do some changes in my lifestyle.

Here are the steps that I’m planning to take to achieve this objective:

Be More Physically Active

I hate going to the gym because I find it boring. But playing my favorite sports was my weapon to being not sick. I used to play a lot of racket sports like Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, squash and badminton a lot when I was working in the Middle East. But after coming back to the Philippines, I had less time and it was not as easier to get access to the sports facilities.

A few weeks back, I started getting Table Tennis coaching sessions. It feel great to be playing the sport again. I should be faithful keeping a schedule of playing at least twice a week.

Last week, we had an unplanned badminton game because of a cancelled basketball session. I think I will schedule at least once a week with the team at work.

Eat Less Fast/Junk Food

I love eating out! But most of the time due to convenience (money and time constraint), I eat a lot of fast-food.  I even love stopping by drive-thrus for quick lunch in the car while traveling on the road.

Why are there no healthier options for drive-through meals? Any suggestions?

I have to drink less soda and drink more fruit juices and water.

Sleep More

I should get used to sleeping earlier. I think it’s me having too much sodas that makes me too active to sleep.  I should discipline myself to go to bed earlier.  Sleep plays a lot of roles in keeping us healthier. I always notice that when I sleep less for a couple of days, I tend to get sick easily.

Take Food Supplements

Since I don’t eat a balance diet, it’s recommended to supplement my diet with food supplements like multivitamins and others.

A friend suggested to take Circulan. It’s a dietary food supplement that contains:

  • Hawthorn Berry for a healthy heart
  • Ginkgo Biloba for the arteries
  • Garlic Oil for blood
  • Lemon Balm for the nerves

It has FDA approved benefits of promoting blood circulation and acts as anti-oxidant.

With good blood circulation, it will help me regulate my sleeping patterns and improve my memory and concentration.

Together with the Vitamin C from the multi-vitamins and Circulan’s anti-oxidant properties, these will help boost my immunity to sickness.

These are the steps that I will be taking for a healthier lifestyle!

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