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Rainy Day Comfort Food with King Bee’s Roast Duck Noodle Soup

Enjoying my rainy day comfort food

August 21, a holiday, but it’s another rainy day although the weather man reported that the typhoon Maring was already out of the Philippines area of responsibility. Picking up and dropping my family to different locations by car, I was heading back home. It was almost dinner time so I felt hungry.  The rainy weather made me crave for some “rainy days” comfort food. Soups and noodles are on top of my list.  I remember that there is a King Bee Chinese restaurant in Commonwealth Avenue across  Batasan area. I wanted to try it out for some time now, so I decided this is a good time to try it and have some Chinese noodles soup.

Driving through the heavy rains along Commonwealth Avenue, I arrived at the restaurant.  There was plenty of parking space. The guard with an umbrella approached me to shelter me from the pouring rain while disembarking from the car.  Nice service!

Inside, the restaurant, looking around, the place was quite nice and classy.

After looking at the menu, I decided to go for a Roast Duck Noodles Soup. I love roasted duck and with a hot soup and noodles, it will be the perfect rainy day comfort food for me. 

Roasted Duck Noodle Soup

The soup base was very tasty. It’s my type of noodle base soup.  The noodles were quite tasty blending well with the soup and the meat of the roasted duck.  Of course, the star of the show is the roasted duck.  Roasted nicely, the flavor and texture of the game fowl / duck is what makes it perfect for this soup.  Compared to braised beef (which is also one of my favorite), this is much lighter and tastier.  I love this Roasted Duck Noodle Soup.

The dish is Php 220 but the portion especially of the duck is quite good value for money. There plenty of noodles to fill the hungry me. It was quite filling and satisfying. I highly recommend it!

If you are into soups (and into duck), you should try out King Bee’s Roasted Duck Noodle Soup.

For more info about King Bee Chinese Food restaurant, visit their Facebook Page.

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