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Juana Change Impersonates Janet Napoles and Riducules and Challenged the Million People Marchers in Luneta

Here is the excerpts from the “speech” given by Mae Paner aka Juana Change impersonating Janet “Bariles” Napoles during the Million People March in Luneta this August 26, 2013.

It was an entertaining speech but taken seriously contains a lot of realities and challenges to us Filipinos in the fight for corruption.

Here are some of Juana’s thoughts about the issue and my opinions as well.

“Konti lang at di kaya – As of 11 am, the estimate was around 100,000 according to the police. It’s not a million but a very good number. And of course, this does not count the participation in the social media. It might not be a million but still in my opinion it was a success since it did not only create a spark but pockets of fire everywhere and a raging fire at Rizal Park and in the social media.

MahinaWhen Juana ask the people the initial response was poor. She had to re-iterate and ask them again until a reasonable response was heard. We Filipinos are sometimes too timid to express ourselves. Masyado tayong matiisin.

Illusive Suspects and Slow Enforcers – The fact that Janet Napoles has eluded and escaped  authorities makes us really scratch our heads. Something fishy happened or it’s just our government’s incompetence in these matters.

No real change in this countryThat’s a very pessimistic view but maybe grounded a bit in reality. But of course, let be optimistic and dwell that Filipinos “Juana Change”

Hangang today only – The reality that this fight for scrapping the Pork Barrel system and it’s other shapes and forms of corruption will not disappear overnight because we tweeted, we shared in Facebook wall, or we marched in Luneta.  This is a long battle for everyone. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. So hang-on and continue the battle.

Only the tip of the icebergI definitely agree. The deeper the investigation goes, the wider the involvement of our politicians will be revealed.

“Hawak (nila) ang systema” – This is the challenge. How to get those who are currently seated in policy making, investigation, law making, enforcement burn their own or allies in the scrapping of the PDAF and putting to jail/punish the ones who steal from our coffers. For them, it’s like cutting the hands that feed them.

“Epal among us” – Everyone wants to ride on the wave. Even ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona attempted to join the rally but booed by the marchers.

“Same old same old” – Trapos, political dynasties, patronage, Pork Barrel encourages these. Scrapping it will definitely impact these for the better!

“Who has the last laugh?” – I hope it’s not Janet Napoles and his political friends who has escaped or will escape with our hard earned taxes that we pay to our government. Hopefully not the corrupt, the people who enriches at the expense of the working class and deprives the poor of the basic services the government can give them with well spent and accounted revenue from taxes.

“Can we really change?” – Pessimist: No,  Optimist: Yes,    Realist: Yes, but it will take time. Change is NOT enough, TRANSFORMATION will be the only option. But even our heads of government are not Magicians. We of course expect them to create the policies, the infrastructure  and govern us.  But we have to transform ourselves first!  Corruption starts with us when we break traffic rules and bribe the enforcers, when we pay under the table to speed things up, and so many wrong things that become acceptable to us because it’s so common.  So the answer is not only with our government, but the answer depends also from YOU!

The complete video

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