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Braving the Heavy Rains for Comfort Food: Trip to Lingnam

There was no work today, August 20, 2013, because of the flooding brought by the enhanced monsoon rains by tropical depression Maring.  My daughter was asking me whether it’s too flooded to go out because she was getting bored at home.  She got excited when I invited her to join me to pickup my wife from work, dine out and go grocery shopping! I was craving for some of my favorite comfort food in this bad weather.

We braved the heavy rains to pick my wife up from the Technohub area. Fortunately there was no flooding in both sides of the Commonwealth Avenue from Batasan to Q.C. Memorial Circle.  After picking up my wife, we went to Shopwise Commonwealth to eat first at Lingnam and then do the groceries afterwards.

As we arrived and given the menu, they treat you first with some hot tea. These are unlimited refills while you are eating. It’s quite customary for the Chinese to drink hot tea before, while and after eating.

Unlimited hot tea

My first experience of Lingnam was in High School (circa 1979) when I was doing typing lessons at C. M. Recto.  The have a branch there next to Maxim & Miramar movie theater near the university belt area. I love the beef mami because of the right mix of salty/sweet of their asado beef briskets.

I ordered Beef Wanton Noodles but unfortunately they have only 1 portion of noodles left for my daughter’s order of Crispy Noodles. I decided to order the next best thing: Beef Wanton Soup. The same thing minus the noodles.  And of course, it’s like fish and chips, when you order Mami, there should be also Siopao. I ordered Asado Siopao.

They give a soup base on a separate bowl in addition to the bowl of yummy asado beef brisket in beef sauce + 5 generous portions of steamed wantons.

Clockwise: Soup base, Beef Wanton Soup, Asado Siopao

Close up of Beef Wanton Soup

The portion was quite big enough to serve 2 persons especially with the siopao.  It was great to have this warm tasty meaty soup to lift your mood in the gloomy rainy weather. I love their beef brisket and wanton.

Crispy Noodles

Back to the Crispy Noodles my daughter ordered (where my noodles were allocated), it was a huge portion easily enough for 2-3 persons. The noodles were fried and crispy to give texture to the ala chopsuey sauce that was yummy with veggies including mushrooms. This is something that has to be tried. Yummy!

Crispy Noodles

Here are the prices from the menu:

Well, it was sure a good idea to enjoy some comfort food with the family. Nothing like warm soup and the warmth of togetherness with love ones to comfort you in times of bad weather!

Enjoying comfort food with the family at Lingnam

For more info about Lingnam, you can visit their website for menu and branch locations.

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