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Star Trek Into Darkness Movie / Film Review

Last May 10, I saw the movie Star Trek Into Darkness at the SM City North EDSA IMAX Cinema during the advance Press screening of the movie.

Excited because I have also seen the first 28 minutes scene at Planet Nibiru during a special preview, I really looked forward to seeing the movie. Full of excitement and watching it in IMAX and 3D really got my blood pumping.

Being a sci-fi fanatic, but not much into Star Trek, I watched the movie with enthusiasm. From start to end, I was engaged with the action, and the storyline of the movie.

The 3D effects were quite good in showing depth adding another dimension to the movie enjoyment experience.  Compared to other recent 3D movies like GI Joe Retaliation, the 3D was very good.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and was entertained. I rate it 4 out 5 for its entertainment value, Trekie or no Trekie.  I highly recommend watching it in 3D.

Star Trek Into Darkness is showing in cinemas nationwide starting May 15. Enjoy!

Movie Trailer:


Star Trek Into Darkness :  on a deadly manhunt to capture those who devastated the Starfleet.

The USS Enterprise is sent to observe Planet Nibiru, but finds a volcano on the verge of erupting and wiping out its primitive inhabitants. In the process of launching a dangerous mission to halt the eruption, first officer Spock’s life is jeopardized, forcing Kirk to break the “Prime Directive” and reveal the Enterprise to the planet’s civilisation to rescue him. As a consequence, a number of indigenous people begin to worship the ship as it leaves.

After being called back to Earth, Kirk is relieved of command, and Admiral Pike re-assumes command of the Enterprise. Shortly afterward, Starfleet agent John Harrison bombs a secret “Section 31” installation in London. An emergency meeting of high ranking officers is called at Starfleet headquarters, which Kirk attends as Pike’s first officer. The meeting is attacked by a gunship piloted by Harrison. Kirk takes the gunship down, but Harrison escapes and Pike dies.

After Pike’s funeral, Admiral Marcus (Weller) authorizes Kirk to hunt down Harrison, who has fled to the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS. Since Qo’noS lies deep in Klingon territory and Starfleet is on the brink of war with the Klingon Empire, the Enterprise is supplied with 72 long-range prototype photon torpedoes, and is ordered to fire them all at Harrison’s location once he is found. Believing the torpedoes could be dangerous to the ship, chief engineer Montgomery Scott refuses to take them aboard and tenders his resignation when ordered to accept them. The Admiral’s daughter, scientist Carol Marcus also joins the crew, under a false identity, and Pavel Chekov is promoted to Chief Engineer.

Several twists and turns of events will turn Admiral Marcus and Captain Kirk into opponents.
With Marcus in pursuit, the Enterprise is attacked by the superior starship Vengeance in Earth’s orbit. Outgunned, the Enterprise is severely damaged. Ultimately Kirk agrees to hand over the Klingon Khan and the 72 bodies in cryo sleep in exchange for the lives of his crew. Marcus refuses and beams his daughter aboard to prevent her being used against him.

Will Admiral Marcus ultimately destroy the Starfleet’s USS Enterprise commanded by Kirk? Watch how this great inter-galactic action-suspense-drama in the latest Star Trek adventure concludes.

The movie stars Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock, Karl Urban as Lieutenant Commander Dr. Leonard “Bones” Mccoy, Zoe Saldana as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Anton Yelchin as Ensign Pavel Chekov, Simon Pegg as Lieutenant Commander Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, John Cho as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, and Bruce Greenwood as Rear Admiral Christopher Pike who return to reprise their roles from the previous film, with the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve to the cast.

Star Trek into Darkness is a Paramount presentation directed by Producer/Director J.J. Abrams. It is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing at your favorite theaters and cinemas on May 15.

Credits: Photo, posters, press release provided by Solar Entertainment Corp.

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