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My 1st Weekend of 2013: Anawagin and Nagsasa Coves + Stop-over at Capones Island

Our base camp at Anawagin Cove

What a fantastic way to spend my first weekend of 2013! My wife, my daughter and I went to two of the famous coves of Zambales:  Anawagin and Nagsasa Coves.  There was a stop-over as well at the Capones Island before heading back the launch/return point of Pundaqit, Zambales.

My wife planned this trip way before since my daughter from Dubai was supposed to be coming on holiday but unfortunately my daughter could not make it.  We decided to pursue the trip since it was already booked. My wife bought a voucher for this trip from Metrodeal that includes the boat ride, camp stay, tents and other entrance fees. Transport was not included.

Saturday, January 5, 2013, we left home at around 2 a.m. to catch the 3 a.m. Victory Liner bus going to Olongapo at the Cubao terminal.  We traveled to Olongapo City and at the terminal embarked on another non-aircon bus that goes to Iba.  We disembarked at the town of San Antonio.  We rode a tricycle cost Php 30 per pax from the national road to the Pundaqit, the boarding point for the boat rides to the coves.

We arrived at the Perges Resort to meet the contact person mentioned in the itinerary where we will get the instructions on which boat to board. After 1/2 hour, together with another group we boarded the boat.  Our original trip was actually to Anawagin Cove & Capones Island.  When the contact person mentioned that the boat is also going to Nagsasa, we told him that we wanted to go there as well as a side trip and asked him how much it would cost extra. We managed to agree to pay Php 500 for 3 of us for the side trip.

We boarded the boat and headed first to Anawagin Cove where the bigger group was making a stop-over. We alighted as well but did not go around yet since we will be back later there because it was our original destination. So more of Anawagin Cove later ….

After almost an hour, the other group who was headed to camp at Nagsasa Cove was ready to board the boat so we boarded as well.  After almost an hour of boat ride, we landed at the beautiful Nagsasa Cove.

Nagsasa Cove

Video: Arrival at the Nagsasa Cove

Posing at the Welcome Sign

At Camp Bira Bira

Boat from Nagsasa

At the rocks at one end of the Nagsasa Cove

Yours truly, Ted Claudio at the rocks
Parked boat at Nagsasa cove

After an hour of roaming around, we decided to head to our base camp, Anawagin Cove.

Anawagin Cove

Traveling from Nagsasa, we left to go to our main destination:  Anawagin Cove.

Video: Arrival at the Anawagin Cove

A partial rainbow appeared during the early hours of the morning

Early swimmers at the Anawagin Cove
My daughter walking at this body of water (river/lagoon) towards the beach

Chopping wood (kuno) for the bon fire 🙂

Sunset view from the lagoon

People watching the sunset at the beach

Video: 360 degrees view of the lagoon at Anawagin Cove

Sunday, January 6, at around 9:45 a.m., the boat with the group from Nagsasa landed at Anawagin to fetch us back to the main island. We left the beautiful Anawagin Cove and boarded the boat.

Capones Island Stop-Over

On the way back, we stopped at Capones Island for 30 minutes to take photos.

Video: Arrival at the Capones Island

Note: This post is still a work in progress. More photos and videos to follow.

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