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Project 50/50 Photos 12-23 from Trinoma Photowalk

It’s 9 more days left before deadline and 31 photos more to shoot to complete the 50 photos for Project 50/50. Everyday now I carry my Canon 40D with the 50mm lens with plans to shoot morning on the way to work and go for a photowalk after office hours.

After office hours, I went to Trinoma Mall to shoot more photos. Decided to walk from office to the mall which was approximately 15 minutes hoping to get something on the way.

I managed to get one quality photo en route.

Photo # 12 – Water Station

I reached Trinoma Mall and saw the lighted angels at the entrance area. These angels were really nicely crafted with lights. I was wondering how to take a good photo of it.  It was getting dark and saw that the timing was perfect.  The blue hour is on.  This is the time of day just after sunset when the sky becomes really blue. It was a perfect time to make the blue sky as the background.

Photo # 13 – Angel in the Blue Sky

Afterwards, I went inside the mall. After a few minutes, the hourly Christmas light show started.  I saw the crew of GMA-7 taking videos and covering the event. I immediately saw the opportunity to shoot the camera man in silhouette.

Photo # 14 – Video Camera Man – Green BG

Photo # 15 – Video Camera Man-Red BG

The light show finished but the lights usually stays on for 10 minutes. A lot of people were taking photos with the colorful lights as the background. I decided to take photos of people taking photos.

This next photo was quite funny. When I was viewing the photo in Lightroom, I saw that the phone reflected the image of the man instead of the woman showing in the screen.  That’s why I titled this photo Camera or Mirror?

Photo # 16 – Camera or Mirror

Photo # 17 – Couple iPhoto

 One of the GMA crew has braided hair and he was taking videos. I noticed the similarity of the hanging lights so I juxtaposed his hair silhouette against what looks similarly look braided lights 🙂

Photo # 18 – Braided Lights

 While I was taking photos, the girls from the nearby resto asked me to take photos of them. I gladly obliged.

Photo # 19 – Colorful Beauties

 After the show lights dimmed, I went inside the mall. I saw this cute girl being photographed by her parents. I could not resist taking a photo of that moment.

Photo # 20 – Baby Xmas Photo

 While roaming around I saw this girl in between the two big chairs in this shop near the cinema. I saw the chance to do some symmetry composition but noticed that the chairs’ middle support were “dissecting” the girls inside the shop as the wall or door partition was “dissecting” the girl in the foreground.

Photo # 21 – Dissection

 I took another photo when I saw the two girls facing the opposite direction. This moment gave me the perfect symmetry shot.

Photo # 22 -Dissected Symmetry

I saw a guy watching the World Vision event for a higher floor. His posture gave me an idea to create triangular shapes that reflects this hand posture. I used the columns as frames and tilted the camera to create the triangles.

Photo 23 – Triangles

It was a good day for the project having to be able to produce 12 quality photos. Lady luck is on my side, my muse was there to inspire me.

I hope you like these photos. I will post the technical details of each photo later when I have more time. Thanks again for visiting.

Please leave a comment regarding any photos that you like.

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