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Fireworks in New Year Celebrations – How to Photograph Fireworks

Across timezones from the Christmas Island (Kiribati), Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Manila (Philippines), Hongkong (China), Dubai (UAE), London (UK), New York (USA) up to Honolulu (USA), the countdown to 2013 begins. Each of the big cities in the world will celebrate the New Year with a Bang! With a Bang, I mean involving fireworks!

As a photographer, it is one of the most awaited photo opportunities anywhere in the world. Each of the big cities will have spectacular display of fireworks that photography enthusiasts would love to capture. Let me give you some pointers on how to photograph fireworks.

Here is my previous post on the Basic Tips and Techniques in Photographing Fireworks.  Enjoy shooting the fireworks in your city. It is fun and easy!

Happy New Year to Everyone!  May 2013 bring us happiness and success!

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  • ann ramirez

    I love fireworks they always excite me. I wish to see another one this new year.

  • Taking note of this tips for New Year’s Eve later. Happy New Year Ted.

  • wow breathtaking fireworks!!! So amazing to look! Happy new year po! xx

  • exlinkevents

    Thanks Ted I will use your advice today:)

  • one thing I anticipate during xmas and new yr is the fireworks.. good shots out there. happynew year!

  • these tips are helpful especially me who can’t capture the right pic of fireworks

  • i love to photograph fireworks but not as good as yours,lol. I really need the tips and techniques in photography.

  • Awesome tips and styles. Thanks so much for this brilliant technique I will surely follow these.

  • Love these shots sir Ted! šŸ™‚ I missed watching fireworks during the holidays, but hopefully I can also try my hands on taking photographs of fireworks this 2013. Anyway, happy new year!!! šŸ™‚

  • Oh my oh my geeee…. wow! I have always wanted to take photos of fireworks the way you do them but I have always failed. Perhaps, I need to read more regarding techniques and tips.

    Happy happy new year! I so love the photos!

  • Brenna

    amazing photographs! Unfortunately, my camera is not powerful enough to capture fast paced fireworks. But I always try din naman, and I always fail. My photos are never as gorgeous as yours though. Happy New Year, Sir Ted!

  • tedclaudio

    Thanks everyone for visiting and the wishes. Happy New Year to everyone!

  • tedclaudio

    Pa invite ka Sumi sa Pyromusical this 2013 para you can try photographing fireworks. Kaya kaya mo iyan, ikaw pa šŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

  • tedclaudio

    MJ, sa Singapore definitely there will a lot of time that they have fantastic fireworks display. HNY!

  • tedclaudio

    Salamat din Idol Myrna šŸ™‚

  • Truly amazing! Ang linis ng mga shots Ted šŸ™‚ Happy New Year- more blessings!

  • Oh wow! these tips are awesome. I’m not exactly good at taking photos which made me decide to take photog101 this year and these are huge help! Happy New Year!

  • marrimye

    These are amazing shots, The photos are in high definition. I can see the details of the blasts and the colors are truly illuminating.

  • Bookmarked your site! I’ve long wanted to learn the basics of shooting fireworks.. will try this the next time I see one! Thanks!

  • Fantastic fireworks photos. Sarap sigurong mag-take photograph ng fireworks, thanks for your trip. Happy 2013 po sa iyo.

  • Benny Macalma

    nice sir Ted! musta na?? nice blogs and photos! šŸ™‚

  • I love taking photos of fireworks display, they’re colorful and festive! thanks for sharing your tips Ted.

  • Teresa Martinez

    These are spectacular shots of fireworks display. Hope I can practice some of your tips next time.

  • I wish I could also be a good photographer for fireworks. šŸ™‚ Haven’t seen fireworks displays dito sa city, ban kasi for the New Year. Hehe

  • I am into photography myself and I am so freakin’ jealous of your photos. They’re majestic. Happy New Year!

  • Kenneth Ravida

    Beautiful shot of the fireworks indeed, they look like flowers to me.

  • ralph

    how i wish i have a cam like that which can capture such wonderful fireworks display… these are well taken. happy new year. Yahweh bless.

  • tedclaudio

    Thanks guys and gals for visiting my blog. May we all have an spectacular New Year ahead of us this 2013.

  • tedclaudio

    You don’t require a powerful camera. Even the cheapest entry level DSLR can take amazing fireworks photo if you follow these tips šŸ™‚

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