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Canon Photoskwela and ImageNation Caravan at SM City North EDSA Cyberzone from November 21-25, 2012

I’m excited to go to Cyberzone of SM City North EDSA to see both the Canon ImageNation Caravan and attend some of the free photography seminars at the Canon Photoskwela this November 21-25, 2012.

At the Caravan event, I will try out the latest cameras from Canon especially the EOS M, the camera I have been waiting for, and the new successor another of my favorite G12 compacts, the G15.  I would also like to try out the small but powerful S110.

There is also a free camera cleaning service for Canon cameras so bring your Canon cameras.

On the weekend, Nov. 24 & 25, there will be Photoskwela, a free photography seminar.  This will be taught by Canon brand ambassadors and Canon Crusaders of Light including Ms. Sara Black who will be conducting the Portraiture and Lighting Techniques seminar.

I would like to attend all these seminars especially the EOS DSLR Video Techniques by Dondi Narciso since I’m now getting more interested in videography.

Please see the poster and visit the Canon Facebook Page for more info and updates for this event.

See you there!

UPDATE:  Photos from the Canon ImageNation Caravan taken Nov. 21, 2012 12:30 pm

During my lunch break, I managed to go to SM City North EDSA which is near our office, for a quick peek.

Here are some of the photos of the arrangements made:

Wide shoot of the Cyberzone Activity area showing the Photoskwela seminar setup

View from the top of the display area and the camera clinic

The display area where you can check out the latest Canon camera models

Display panels showcasing some photos done by Canon Crusaders of Light

Photowall and Lounge

Photo Klinika where you can get your Canon cameras cleaned free of charge

My friend Ed checking out the view from a far:
Canon 1Dx camera with 500mm f/4 L IS USM lens


The new Canon S110

Me and my new favorite compact, the Canon G15: Love at first sight

Ed trying the Canon 5D Mark III

Quick test shots from the Canon Powershot G15 to test low noise performance at ISO 3200.

f 1.8, 1/80 secs, ISO 3200 at  28mm wide angle zoom position

f 2.8, 1/40 sec, ISO 3200 at 140mm max tele zoom position. I’m not sure if I have the image stabilzer on.

My G12 is now in danger of obsolescence.  Of course not, I still love my G12 but it looks like I will have a new mistress the G15 🙂  Watch out for the full review of the G15 soon.

It was a short quick visit and had to go back to the office.

Credits: Posters from Canon Philippines Facebook page.

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  • I wish I was there in Manila. I’d like to join this event. I think I’ll learn a lot from this. Canon rocks!

  • I hope Canon will have event just like this here in Gensan, they have a shop here eh.. 🙂

  • now this is something i could use but alas, i have yet to purchase a dslr camera! i hope those who will attend will post details on their blogs so that i can learn a trick or two 😉

  • Wow, this one;s a cool event. I would be amazed by a large event like photoskwela.

  • Cool that they even offered a free cleaning service. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the event.

  • That’s a great event for photography enthusiasts. I love that last pic of the guard yawning 🙂

  • Jonas Labagala

    Great event! and I also love cameras especially that has great specs. I happen to use Canon camera too! 😀

  • How I wish may time ako mag join sa mga ganitong event:( I am planning to buy DLSR next year at Cannon prospect ko.

  • This is today and tomorrow! Ang saya pa naman nito. Pwede pa bang humabol for tomorrow’s sched?

  • Maria Gemma Defeo-Hilotin

    … and the event will start today right?!! please share lessons learned ok? have a great time!

  • I remember every time I go to a studio I usually see CANON CAMERA around me. Parang pag picture ang pag’uusapan CANON lang talaga ang lagi kong naririnig sa mga Professional Photographers.

  • I’m gonna share this to my brother who’s an enthusiast of photography and cameras. Thanks for sharing, there’s still until tomorrow to join the event.

  • My blogging camera is also a Canon, albeit on the compact point-and-shoot department. This is a pretty generous initiative from them, giving free workshops.

  • Cannon is the name. These cameras are great. How I wish, I could deviate my time to photography. Nice event din pala.

  • Tess Chancellor

    We are Nikon users in the house but i would love to have it too cos i hear a lot of good review about it.

  • Super nice event. I would love to attend these acitivities too in the future. Hopefully, I can get my own DLSR by January next yr. Excited!

  • Planning to buy a Canon DSLR. Sayang, I don’t get to attend such talks. It would be very helpful for beginners like me.

  • tedclaudio

    Yes Che, you will learn a lot of things. Today, Aly Reyes talk was about the basics. It was not technical but very informative especially for beginners.

  • tedclaudio

    Yes, Jason. Nothing beats Canon Philippines with the free workshops they give to their legitimate Canon Customers (and even the grey market customers as well)

  • tedclaudio

    Sure Maria. Watch out for my post about learnings I got from the seminars 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Pwede, Hopefully nakahabol ka.

  • tedclaudio

    Just let me know if you need any advise sa selection ng DSLR especially Canon.

  • tedclaudio

    Hello fellow Canonista 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    I was just testing the g15 and saw the the guard about to yawn and then I took his photo 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Yes, free of charge. There were a big crowd on both days. Canon have given away nice gifts for those who answered or asked questions. One of the item they were giving away was a Canon Black Rapid Strap worth around Php 1,700.

  • tedclaudio

    Watch out for my posts regarding the learnings coming soon 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Hopefully they will

  • tedclaudio

    Yes Canon Rocks. They do also some events in other major cities in the Philippines. Just checkout Canon Philippines facebook page.

  • I missed the event. Just got my Canon Rebel last August and I’m still figuring it out. Would be a big help if I attended this event!

  • LOL at the last shot. Caught in the act. Nice cameras indeed!

  • I still do not have DSLR camera. This seminar will surely help those who have enthusiast in photography.

  • Kenneth Ravida

    I always want to have my own camera, from the smaller one to the bigger one and great cameras from canon

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