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“Bully” Film to Launch Anti-Bullying Campaign in Schools in the Philippines

We often see bullying in movies or even in real life.  Some people get the kicks out of it thinking they are just having fun. We may have done bullying ourselves, or were a victim of it, or both. However, it is not as harmless as we think it is!  You are in for a shock if I tell you of a story of 2 teenagers that committed suicide because they were unavailable to cope up as victims of bullying.  The movie “Bully” is a documentary about the alarming rise in bullying in America and focuses on the story of Tyler Long and Ty Smalley, both of which tragically ended their own lives in suicide to escape their tormentors.

Bully Film Trailer

Here is the press release from Solar Entertainment about the movie and the campaign:


“Bully” film to launch anti-bullying campaign

The Jesuit Basic Education Commission (JBEC), in cooperation with Solar Entertainment, is bringing the acclaimed documentary “Bully” to the Philippines. The film, directed by Lee Hirsch, will have a limited theatrical run in November, after the by-invitation premiere on November 13, 6:30 PM, at Robinson’s Galleria Cinema 4.

The film focuses on the alarming rise in bullying faced by teenage students in America. It chronicles the experiences of victims in high schools in Georgia, Iowa, Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma, focusing on the cases of Tyler Long and Ty Smalley, both of which tragically ended in suicide.

JBEC will use this powerful documentary to launch the anti-bullying campaign, “Not in Our School,” endorsed by the popular sportsman, Chris Tiu.  The advocacy is aligned with the DepEd’s Child Protection Policy which seeks to defend the student from any form of abuse, including bullying. In light of recent local and international headlines about bullying, this film can be a timely wake-up call for all involved: parents, teachers, administrators, and especially students.

In addition to its theatrical screening, JBEC is offering several Saturday block screenings in Robinson’s Galleria for schools who want to show the film exclusively for their community. In addition, schools can also sponsor campus screenings for a minimal fee. To enhance its use as a formative tool, JBEC will provide teachers and parents with a discussion guide to facilitate processing of the complex message of the movie. Interested schools may contact or for bookings.

Fr. Johnny Go, SJ, JBEC chair, hopes this campaign will lead schools to adopt a pro-active stance against bullying, with each stakeholder committing and contributing to a nurturing and bully-free school environment that is the right of every student.  “We hope this movie can reach as wide an audience as possible, especially among our students,” he says. “At the very least, it should heighten awareness of this issue and begin productive discussions and reflections about a real problem that can no longer be ignored.”

The “Bully” hits theaters starting November 14. It is rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.


The “Not in Our School” Anti-Bullying Campaign

Here is the Not in Our School Pledge from the Campaign Website.

Sometimes we bully people without knowing it. So what are the different forms of bullying? In essence, bullying means using words and actions to hurt or shame others, usually involving an abuse of power (physical, psychological, social, etc.), and including non-action (isolation, ignoring, etc.)

What are the different ways a bystander can help the victim? Confronting or stopping the bully is only one. Are there other ways? E.g., defending the victim, convincing the bully to stop, privately expressing sympathy for the victim, etc.

To report bullying, to get help for the victim if we can’t defend the victim, to testify if needed, to share stories and reflect on consequences, to make bullying un-cool.

Downloadable Printable PDF Pledge Form

If you are a student and want to make a pledge, you can download the printable form.



Let’s take a stand and support the Anti-Bully Campaign!  Like the The Bully Project Philippines Facebook Page and share it with your friends or share this post using the social sharing buttons below.  Your simple action could make a difference in a child’s life in the future.  This child could be your own!

Credits: Photos and Press Release from Solar Entertainment Corporation. Banner from the Facebook Page of the Bully Project Philippines.

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  • Justin Queyquep

    Wishing society would accept people the way they are. I take a stand and supporting the Anti-bully Campaign!

  • Stories about teens committing “bullycide” are left and right. 🙁 Last year, I likewise wrote a post about a beautiful girl named Phoebe who killed herself because she couldn’t take anymore how her bullies treated her. I feel sad how bullies continue to torment other people. This film is a good step for it will make viewers realize that bullying is a BIG DEAL.

  • lovemindanao

    i was once bullied way back in my school days … i guess bullies rooted from the problems they have in home .. nice that the film will be launched here to give enlightenment to the viewers on the actions to be taken to mitigate problems like this in the society

  • Tess Chancellor

    the video campaign is very alarming .i always think of my son with regards to bullying .he was bullied before back in the Philippines.

  • Lexi Fernando

    I’m supporting this campaign. Nobody has the right to treat other people bad. Bullying should stop.

  • Bullying was ignored, before. Now the effect is so obvious that it’s often the content of the news.Let’s take a stand against it, before it got worst.

  • glad that they will show it on the place where bully kid usually arise

  • I am definitely supporting this. I can say Im a bit lucky as I cant remember I got bullied when I was still in school. Maybe because I’m also a bit suplada that time. But I got friends who were bullied and I tend to be their night and shining armour during that time. Its really time to take an action for this. Parent should also be aware of their child’s whereabouts.

  • I didn’t have this kind of ‘facility’ when I was in primary school 🙂 How did I handle being bullied? The usual way – I became a bully in high school. Sad and vicious cycle. Thank goodness there are more efforts in making this “hidden problem” more public.

  • Robi Marapao

    Thank you so much, brother for promoting this kind of a good campaign. I’ve witnessed a lot of bullying before and I know how it feels to be bullied though. Already liked the page (The Bully Project Philippines) to show my support of this campaign.

  • Jerwel De Perio

    This campaign will be really helpful. I am a product of bullying so I know how it feels.

  • Teresa Martinez

    I hope this movie can help those concerned to realize that bullying is an existing problem. The cases of bullying are so many that they cannot be called isolated cases.

  • Great movie. I hope this one can go mainstream. I hope the media, online and traditional one can go in arms to give this movie a greater coverage.

  • This is a great idea. I am also a victim of bullying way back high school years and I do agree that promoting awareness about this matter is a great help – I mean to others who don’t respect people.

  • Maria Gemma Defeo-Hilotin

    About time for this movie to be shown! There are a lot of victims of bullying who just kept mum about it! Time to open up and do what’s right!

  • Let us support this movie and hoping lots of people will get lessons from it!

  • tedclaudio

    Thank you for those who commented and showed their support! We pray to the success of the movement so that it will increase the awareness here in the Philippines.

  • Luz

    Hi Good eve! I’m Luz, researcher of ABS-CBN Manila. I just wanna ask your help guys. I’m under the new program of ABS which is entitled “SAKLOLO- Pinoy True Stories”. I’m looking for true stories happening in our country that needs to be acted in order to end-up the struggle of the victim. Please reply to my email account or contact me w/ this number 09103315995. Kindly attached as well a video testifying your complaint ex: a surveillance video about your child being bullied by his/her classmates, a mother suffering from poverty at the same time taking care of children let us say 3 children having psychological disorder (almost wild), people who are victims of violations etc…. Hope you can help me guys so that we can also help the needy. God bless!

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