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Rockustic Night with Legends Pepe Smith and Wally Gonzales at Dos Mestizos, Boracay

The legendary Joey Pepe Smith and Wally Gonzales of the former Juan Dela Cruz band performed at the Dos Mestizos, Boracay last Sunday September 23, 2012.  The Pinoy Rock legends belt out some of their former band’s popular numbers.

The Spanish resto bar Dos Mestizos, a popular hang-out among tourist and locals in Boracay, was the venue for the gig. The place ranks among the top resto/bars in the island.

I arrived around 8:30 pm and the place was already packed but managed to seat at the bar area where I got a good spot to cover the event.

The resident group and a few guest jammers played to warm up the atmosphere before the main gig.

The ex Juan Dela Cruz members, Pepe and Wally arrived with their group and then started with the first set playing blues. Then, they progressed to Pinoy blues afterwards.

Then the main event started with them playing some of the band’s popular numbers like “Balong Malalim”, “Beep Beep”, etc…

The legendary Tandem (wish Mike Hanapol was present to complete the Trio)
Joey “Pepe” Smith belting out and rocking

The blues master Wally Gonzales

Pepe plays the guitar beautifully although he was originally the drummer of the band

Performing some of the Juan Dela Cruz classic songs:

The gig ended and the fans had their photo ops.  Of course, the coverage will not be complete without me having my own souvenir photos with my rock idols!

Joey Pepe Smith and yours truly

Me with Wally Gonzales

It was a night of fun and relieving the glory days of Pinoy Rock that eventually gave rise to OPM.  The only thing I really wished that Mike Hanapol was also there to complete the trio!

Pinoy Rocks!

Watch out for more videos of the event …. This is your truly, Ted Claudio, blogging from the beautiful island of Boracay!

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  • Franc Ramon

    Pepe Smith is classic. This must have been such a nostalgic event for them and their followers.

  • Mai_Flores

    Oh! Would love to check out Dos Mestizos this December.. loving the vibe there. Might just be like Brother’s Moustache. 🙂

  • Journey Ni Ikoy

    Wow Rock n Roll in Boracay and if it’s Pepe Smith then it’s going to be a great party =)

  • There’s nothing really like listening and seeing the legends perform. They may look a bit more mature, but from what I’ve heard from my friends that heard them perform, they still know how to rock the house so to speak. Thanks for sharing this, Ted.

  • Long live Pinoy rock!!! Nice to know that these legends are still performing.

  • pepe smith looks really grungy now! but still the talent won’t fade away! xx

  • ralph marcuss Manarang

    di ko sila naabutan nung sikat pa.

  • Ka pepe still rockin it out. m/ yeah!

  • Good to hear that my dear friend Pepe Smith still have the energy to jam with folks. Where’s Mike hanapol? Sure have a fun experience that night.

  • Pepe Smith m/!!!!

  • lovemindanao

    the legend will always be a legend , sad to know that most of the younger generation now patronized the western music . The filipino music industry is in the verge of becoming extinct because of the “outsiders” influence

  • I wish I can go blog from Boracay, too. (Inggitera lang, LOL) But seriously, Pepe Smith is really a legend. Despite his age, he sure can still rock the house down. Long live, Pepe Smith! Long live, Pinoy rock!

  • lily

    I’ve heard of that song “Balong Malalim” but I never really know who’s song that was. Hmm. I guess I am not yet aware of music when they were sikat. 🙂

    …kailan kaya ako makakapunta sa Bora. :”>

  • Rock & Roll in Boracay! That’ really cool!!!

    I’m also a big fan of both Pepe and Wally. 😀

  • PINOY ROCK LIVES ON! Great music with our legendary PEPE SMITH, he really rocks.

  • WOW!! I super like the last photo. You seem to have the look of a ROCK star like the epic Pepe Smith. The only thing missing is the electric guitar…

  • Justin Queyquep

    He’s a legend! Rock On! Idol yan ng nakababata kong brother, who’s now have his own band performing in Dubai

  • ralph

    these guys are really legendary especially to pinoy rock… it’s an honor to witness their performance in person… lucky you. Yahweh bless.

  • Astig pa rin c Sir Pepe Smith ah! I’d love to see him perform!

  • tedclaudio

    Thanks guys and gals for the comments! You guys/gals Rock !

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