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Kickass Chinese Food at Kung Fu Kitchen at SM City Manila

Excuse the use of the word “Kickass” but it’s the best word to use to describe how good was our  dining experience in Kung Fu Kitchen (KFK) last September 1.  Furthermore, the word also is in theme with Kung Fu. Just to make sure that we are on the same channel, “Kickass” means: very good, excellent; “cool”, “awesome” according to the OnlineSlangDictionary.

On that date, my mom, my nephew and I were shopping at the SM City Manila 3-Day Sale. After shopping, I wanted to treat mom to her favorite cuisine: Chinese Food.

One of the new restaurant that was featured in the 3 Day Sale event blogger invitation was Kung Fu Kitchen.  I saw the restaurant while I was heading to the SM Admin Office to pickup the Gift Certificates for shopping.  The motif of the restaurant (and the smiling receptionist) attracted me to go back.

The one that attracted me to the resto:  Chinese Red and Black Color Motif

The Decor

As you enter the door into the waiting area, a poster of Bruce Lee’s The Game of Death movie greets/challenges you.  Just at the entrance you feel the “Kung Fu” vibes already.

Waiting Area
Bruce Lee Game of Death Poster

In the resto, the walls are decorated with interesting murals that looks like action scenes from a Chinese Kung Fu movie.

Big Mural with Kung Fu Theme as you enter (Gang 1)                 Murals with Kung Fu Theme (Gang 2) on the left wall

The resto is with an open style kitchen and you can see the busy activities in the kitchen. I like open kitchens. Aside from the transparency of seeing what’s happening in the kitchen to satisfy your quality control, I find it entertaining to watch the chef and the kitchen staff preparing/cooking your order.

Open kitchen

While I was admiring the decor, I noticed the interesting lighting fixtures. Woks of different sizes were used as reflectors for the lighting fixtures at the ceiling.  Very creative indeed!

Wok used as reflectors for the ceiling lighting

To enhance further the dining experience, there is the Chinese motif tableware.  The table top is decorated with something that resembles a Chinese newspaper.  The tissue/chopstick holder is a Chinese vase.  The drinking glasses are decorated with Chinese designs as well.

Table Setting

The Food

I usually like to do the full Chinese meals starting with dim sum appetizers. But that day I skipped it. Why?  Our small resto business before involves making dim sums.  Mom was the one who makes them therefore she was not much into dim sums anymore. So we decided to skip it.  KFK have a good selection of dim sums and they have also a dim sum cart going table to table from time to time.

One of the recommendations of the receptionist while I was talking to her was the KFK Boxers (Bento boxes).  Looking at the menu, there were different combinations to choose from to cater for your budget and your appetite.

The menu of KFK Boxers options

I ordered the Legacy version with the intention to have it shared among us.  This version which includes:

  • 2 KFK Noodles/Rice
  • 3 Special Viands

For the 2 KFK Noodles/Rice, you can choose 2 portions from the different varities of rice and noodles.
Same with the 3 Viands, you can select from the list of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Fish dishes.

I like this concept because you can taste different dishes of smaller portions.

The selection of rice, noodles, viands to choose from for the boxers.

This is the Boxers that we ordered:

Legacy Bento (Yang Chow Rice+Noodles+3 Viands of your Choice) at Php 228 + Php 48 for bottomless Ice Tea

The bento box contained (from top right, clock wise)

  • Sweet & Sour Fish
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Yang Chow
  • Beijing Beef
  • Lemon Chicken Sauce in the Middle

+ the tasty Efu Seafood Noodles on a separate small plate

It took around 10 minutes for the order to arrive on the table.  The reason for this was the viands in the boxers were cooked only as we ordered them. This made it more fresh and delicious!  So in case you are really hungry and in a hurry to eat, order some dim sums to start with.

Dish Rating: I highly recommend this KFK Boxers. Aside from the variety you will get, the good taste of freshly prepared Chinese dishes, it’s very good value in my opinion.  The quality and taste justifies price. This is a very good option to be able to savor a variety of dishes at a budget.

Next on the menu, I saw the roast items hanging in the open kitchen display when we entered so I got interested in ordering some roasted dishes.

Roast Menu

Since I wanted to try them all, I ordered the Roast Platter which have the pork, beef and chicken all in one plate.

Roast Platter at Php 299
Close-up of the Roast Platter

The roasted items was good. It reminds me of the roasted food in Singapore and Hongkong.

One of the dishes that you must try when you go to KFK is their Brown Rice with Fish and Shrimps.  It’s really delicious.

Brown Rice with Fish and Shrimps:  A Must Try

For dessert, I ordered this that resembles like a soft maha blanca topped with desecrated coconut. It was ok but tasted ordinary to me since it resembles the maha blanca.



Overall, I rate the food to be of very good quality for its price range and authenticity.  The KFK Boxers will be the main reason why I will go back to this resto. And of course, the Brown Rice!

The motif and decor of the resto was quite impressive despite it’s simplicity.  Service was quite good as well.

Ms. Lisa, the resto manager with her staff

Mom, who is very critical with her Chinese Food being a previous restaurant owner for decades, enjoyed the food and gave it very good ratings.  She said that the Beijing Beef was very good but a bit spicy for her.  She has very low tolerance for spicy food.  I found it just right.

My mom love the food and she rated the noodles very good as well

I really enjoyed the Bento. I love the 3 viands that I selected but I vote the Beijing Beef the best

Kung Fu Kitchen deserves is tagline: Feast of Fury.  It’s really a “Kickass” place for enjoying Chinese Food notches higher than your typical popular Chinese Fast Food without denting your budget.

Souvenir photo in front of KFK

As of the writing of this post, Kung Fu Kitchen has only one branch located in the 4th floor of SM City Manila.

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