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Total Recall Movie 2012 Advance Screening at SM City North EDSA IMAX Theater

Total Recall Movie 2012 Advance Screening Ticket Outer

Total Recall Movie 2012 Advance Screening Ticket Inner

I saw the advance screening Total Recall (2012) movie at SM City North EDSA IMAX Theater last August 21.  Thanks to Jesse of SM Marketing.

It’s a remake (some says it’s not) of the 1990 movie of the same title starring Arnold Swarchenegger.  Both the movies were about the confusion of the main character whether its actual reality or the implanted memories into his brain by a company that turns your desires into real memories.

The 2012 version stars Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid, a factory worker, who to temporarily escape his monotonous real life by availing of the services of Rekall, a company that can turn your desires and dreams into momentary realities in your brain.  And that’s were all the trouble started when he ask them to engineer a reality where he is a super spy.  The situation became complicated when something went wrong and he’s confused whether it’s actual reality or just the implanted reality.

Kate Beckinsale as his “wife” and Jessica Biel as the other woman in his dreams, also stars in the movie.

The movie was inspired by the short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” by Philip Dick.
Although the short story involves Mars, as the 1990 version did, the 2012 version is totally set in Earth.  So with this plot, it might be considered as not a remake at all but another adaptation of the short story.

The action, adventure, sci-fi thriller movie was quite fast paced and full of action scenes from start to end.  The special effects to portray the more advance civilization of the future was quite amazing especially the concepts of the elevated highways and the elevators.  I really enjoyed the action scenes.

I like the big screen of the IMAX Theater but not really sure that there were some special IMAX sequences.  The vista of the city backdrops seen from heights did not make much impact of feeling being there in the movie. I’m not sure if its the movie version or the IMAX screen setup which I find quite small compared to other IMAX cinemas I’ve been.  Although this was my first IMAX experience in the Philippines, I have been to IMAX theaters in Boston, and Qatar.

Overall, it’s a good thriller and action movie for me.

Entertainment Value:  4/5 for its sci-fi thilling action scenes. 

Total Recall Movie Trailer

If you see the movie, please leave comments of which version on how you like the movie. If you have seen the 1990 Arnold version, which do you think is better, the Arnold’s or the Collin’s one.

Thank you and see you at the movies!

(This Friday will be Katy Perry’s Part of Me movie advance screening, so stay tune for the review as well).

Crowd waiting at the lobby of the SM IMAX Theater

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