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The Hunger Games Blu-Ray/DVD/VCD Launch and the Hunger Games Fever Event

You can now bring home the movie event of the year! C-Interactive Digital Entertainment launched The Hunger Games in DVD, Blu-ray and VCD last August 25, 2012 at the Event Center of SM Megamall.

The Hunger Games are available now at all leading video stores nationwide.

Php 1,595

Php 795

Php 1,595

Php 1,995

VCD Version also available.



C-Interactive Digital Entertainment partnered with no less than SM Megamall, The Hunger Games Philippines Fan Club, Gameclub, Pioneer, Business World, 99.5 RT, Wave 89.1 and Astroplus to create the “The Hunger Games Fever” event. 

At the launch there were exciting Hunger Games inspired activities like archery game booth, photo walls, Capitol Look-a-Like, Cosplay competition and the highlight of the event, the “Scavenger Hunt”.  The lucky selected boy and girl Tributes were selected during the Reaping to represent their Districts. It was a treat for The Hunger Games aficionados.

Game Club Table:  Register and get a chance to win various prizes

If you buy Blu-Ray/DVD.VCD during the event you get chances to participate in the games and other activities

Select from the different options from VCD, DVD, Blu-Ray and including Limited Edition Functional Cubes with MockingJay Pendant
Register after buying to get a chance to be drawn during the Reaping as a participant Tribute for the Scavenger Hunt

The movie inspired gate entrance to the event!
Try your archery skills and win prizes

Get your Personalized District ID printed

Have your photo taken on the photo wall with Ms. Tza Gomez, the guest Cosplayer, who cosplayed Katniss Everdeen


The event host at the impressive stage with a big Pioneer Screen
Angel Beroin, President of the Hunger Games Philippines, welcoming the Philippine Tributes to the event


Names where drawn from the two Reaping Jars that holds the names of participating boys and girls Tributes.  Volunteers were not alllowed!  After the Reaping, 6 boys and 6 girls were paired to represent Districts 1 – 6.  After the hosts wished them “May the odds be ever in your favor” and “Happy Hunger Games”, the hunt begun.

  • Stage 1:  Fastest time to Wear the Hunger Games T-Shirt
    • The tributes gathered around the loot that contained the T-Shirts.  This stage was timed on how fast the pairs find and wear the T-Shirts
  • Stage 2:  Archery and Apple Eating
    • One of the tribute shoots arrows (3 chances) to the bulls eye target. The target consist of 3 zones:  Large (farthest from center), Medium, Small (center).  The results impact the size of the apple that the pair has to finish.  Time is clocked from shooting the arrows up to finishing the apples
  • Stage 3: Archery and Pinoy Henyo (Hunger Games Edition)
    • Same rules as the Stage 2 but the resulting target just determines which category the word to be guessed will come from Easy, Medium, Hard.  Time is clocked from shooting the arrow up to guessing the word or up to when time runs up to guess.
Tribute from District 5 aiming at the bulls to get an easier category for the Pinoy Henyo (Hunger Games Edition)
  • Stage 4: Scavenger Hunt
    • The toughest stage where the tributes physical and mental capabilities will be measured.  The Tributes have to go to different locations in the mall based on the clues from previous locations and get a piece of the puzzle that forms a picture or logo.  The first clue was given by the host and after the signal, the Tributes run to race against time to complete the puzzle.
One of the completed puzzles from pieces collected at different locations in the mall in one of the competition of the Scavenger Hunt

The total time for all the challenge stages were added together and the best time was achieved by the Tributes from District 1.

District 1 Tributes Cesar Meric and Cellestine Bocca got the fastest time in completing the Scavenger Hunt challenges

District 1 Tributes Cesar Meric and Cellestine Bocca won the 1st place in the Scavenger Hunt competition


Twelve Tributes participated in the Cosplay competition.  Each one went up the stage and introduced themselves and their character.  They were judge on their costumes and their projection on the stage.


Miss Tza Gomez, the guest cosplayer graced the event and went up the stage during the awarding of the winner.

Ms. Tza Gomez, the guest Cosplayer, who cosplayed Katniss Everdeen at the stage with host

Judges of the Cosplay competition seated on the table

After the parade on stage, the score was tabulated by the judges. The best cosplayer award went to Ms. Patricia Ngo, who depicted a Capitol Fan of Katniss Everdeen that she sported her fire dress.

Patricia Ngo, winner of the best Cosplay as a Capitol Fan speaking her lines

Patricia Ngo, winner of the best Cosplay as a Capitol Fan, poses for the souvenir photo with Astroplus representation and Ms. Tza

The Launch

Sonny Lara of C-Interactive Digital Entertainment explains the different options when buying the movie

Sonny Lara of C-Interactive Digital Entertainment shows the 2-Disc Blu-Ray Limited Edition with Functional Cube

The event was a big success.  The Hunger Games Fever event was a treat for the fans of the movie.

Did you see the movie?  How did you like it?  Please leave your comments below.  What do you think of the event?

Next Attraction

Stay tuned to this blog post for more videos of the event still to be posted. They are still being edited and uploaded:

  • The Scavenger Hunt Video Coverage

Coming very soon!

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