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Sushi-All-You-Can at Php 355 with Bottomless Iced Tea at Sumosam

From August 17-19, 2012,  Friday to Saturday, SM Megamall is having a Mega Food Sale.  SM invited bloggers like me to experience the food sale and assigned different restaurants for us to blog about.  Since I love Japanese food, I selected Sumosam.  It will be my first time to eat at Sumosam as well.

Sumosam participated in the food sale with the “Sushi-All-You Can with Bottom-less Ice Tea” offer at only Php 355. Being a sushi lover, I would definitely love to try it out.

SM decided to send bloggers by pairs.  I was paired with fellow blogger Ms. Ruth dela Cruz, author of the blog Ruthilicious (ruthilicious.blogspot.com).  She actually got assigned to cover Gotti’s  Ristorante (Italian). She confessed that she is not much of a sushi enthusiasts but decided to come to keep me company and I will also join her later at the Italian resto.

Sumosam at the Lower Ground Floor of Building A SM Megamall

Arriving at the resto, we were welcomed by Mr. Roel Valdez, Branch Manager.  He also explained to us the details of their Sushi-All-You-Can offer.

The resto was quite nice and cozy.  It had the ambiance of a modern casual dining.  Table settings were good with quality tablewares, chinas and cutleries.  There was even a candlelight.

Candlelight for Dinner

Minutes later after Mr. Roel left us, the first of the many (bottomless) Ice Tea have been served.  They make their own brew of Ice Tea and flavored it with Calamansi.  Their brew of this Calamansi Ice Tea decorated with a slice of lime was very very good!  One of the best bottomless Ice Tea I have tried.  A very good start for the food review.

Their own brew Calamansi Flavored Ice Tea

Minutes later, a selection of 4 of their different flavors of Japanese Rolls (Maki) have been served to our table.

Four Types of Sushi Rolls (Maki)
From 1′ o-clock clockwise:  California, Las Vegas, Dynamite, Crunchy Tuna

We asked Mr.  Ronald Bañal, Supervisor at Sumosam, to explain to us what are four different rolls served to us.

Video of the Four Types of Japanese Rolls Served to Us

After taking pictures of the Japanese Rolls, we were ready to try out those very appetizing rolls.

We started with a Bang! We tried out the Dynamite Roll.

Dynamite Roll, Php 278

True to its name, Dynamite, the flavors exploded in a big bang. The spicy flavored Japanese mayonnaise enveloped the raw salmon toppings.  The quality of the salmon, and the rice used for the maki were quite very good.  I like this new concept of toppings on the makis to add more “meat” to it. This dynamite will really make a big explosion in satisfying your gastronomic desire.

Next, we tried the Crunchy Tuna.

Crunchy Tuna, Php 278

The Crunchy Tuna was similar to Dynamite but uses Tuna instead of Salmon. In addition, it is also sprinkled with tempura batter crumbs which made this version the best for my friend, Ruth.  She really love the mild spiciness with the raw fish taste countered by the yummy tempura batter crumbs. I could easily made this my favorite if it was with salmon.  Highly recommended flavor for those occassional sushi eaters.

Third, we tried the California Roll.

California Roll, Php 218

Their version of California Rolls have the crabsticks not inside the roll but shredded as toppings. The rolls fillings still have the mango and cucumber. It’s a good twist on the ordinary California version.

Last but not the least, we tried the Las Vegas Roll.

Las Vegas Roll, Php 248

This one for me is quite unique.  While the roll is regularly filled with cucumber and crabstick, it is uniquely topped with scallops and melted cheese! It’s my first time to try makis with cheese.  It’s quite an interesting combination like fusion of Italian and Japanese.

Interesting flavors and presentation of the traditional Japanese dish.  Actually, the four flavors served were a good combination set.

The price of each roll differs. Each order is 6 rolls. If you order at least two, let’s say average Php 250 each order, so that is Php 500 + Php 98 for the bottomless Ice Tea = Php 598.  Their promo is Php 355 so that is a savings of Php 243.  However, if you order 3 orders that would be around Php 500 savings!  The two of us shared the 4 orders and easily finished it.  If we were not going to the Italian restaurant assigned to Ruth, we would easily managed to order 1 each again.

There are around 15 flavors to choose from their selections of rolls and sushis.

Menu Selection of Rolls (12 on this page + 4 more)

Please note that their promo is only valid during the Food Sale and only from 2-5 pm so please schedule accordingly.  Anyways, promo or no promo, I’m adding Sumosam to my list of favorite Japanese restos.  While browsing through their menu, there seems to be lot more of interesting dishes to try.  Hopefully, I will be doing more reviews for Sumosam!

We give Sumosam, thumps up! Highly recommend!

 Roel Valdez (Branch Manager), Ruth dela Cruz (Blogger),  Ronald Bañal (Supervisor)

 Roel Valdez (Branch Manager), Ted Claudio (Yours Truly), Ronald Bañal (Supervisor)

Have you tried Sumosam?  What are the dishes that you liked and would recommend from this resto?  Please leave your comments below and share with us your experience during the SM Food Sale or at Sumosam.

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Until the next food review …. Bon Appetit!

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