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Snack Time: Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) Sandwich at Subway for Php 69

While in SM Megamall, I was looking for a mid-afternoon snack to satisfy my hunger until the evening dinner with my wife at a Mexican Restaurant.  I found my favorite sandwich place Subway having a Php 69 offer for their BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) sandwich.

The offer was for a 6″ BLT sandwich only which was just right for my requirement for a snack so I ordered one.  My specs were:

  • Parmesan Oregano Bread (my favorite bread in Subway)
  • Jalapeno to spice it up (no other veggies free since BLT is standard with lettuce and tomato)
  • A bit of Honey Mustard sauce
  • Sweet onion sauce

The bread with the bacon was very lightly toasted and cooked respectively by using their super fast electronic oven toaster. I think it was just under a minute.

Then the veggies were added and then the sauces squeezed into the BLT to perfect the concoction.

Afterwards, the BLT was wrapped and then given to me.

The wrapped 6-inches BLT

Close up of the sinfully delicious bacon on upper part and the healthy veggies to complete the food pyramid together with the bread

I love Subway sandwiches in the Philippines but usually go for their offers most of the time. They are really good value for money for the quality of bread, meat, veggies and sauces they put into their sandwiches.

Do you like Subway sandwiches?  Which are your favorites?  What are your favorite specs in terms of bread, veggies and sauces?  Please share your answers in the comments section.

Bon Appetit!

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  • popazrael

    insert your photo with the sandwich next time ahahaha

  • tedclaudio

    Oo nga pala 🙂 Photographers mind kasi. Di mahilig sumama sa subject 🙂
    Thanks for the tips!

  • 69 pesos with that kind of food is already oh-so -good! Great!

  • ventocoseuss

    Woooohooo. For a while, I was wondering, is that really a sandwich? Can’t see the bread. Hehe. But the filling is delicious!~ I bet, but lots of cholesterol. Weeeeheeeeeeee. But the price is pretty decent, eh?

  • mouthwatering subway sandwich for 69 pesos. That’s a definite bargain.

  • papaleng

    69 lang PWEDE. Mukhang masarap naman.

  • Lots of veggies at Subway, that’s why I love to eat them. I frequent one in Riyadh also.

  • For P69, it looks okay for a quick bite on the go. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • Veggies are my thing, and that doesn’t look so bad for 69 pesos.

  • Pal Raine

    Nagutom tuloy ako. Hahahaha. Sarap naman nito.

  • nom nom nom! now I’m craving!!!!

  • Now I’m craving for Subway and the price is so affordable.

  • pinoychocophile

    good thing not the same as that offered to my friend by a resto here in Katips, their BLT was in a sorry state – as if the meal was meant for a person on a diet, yay to few veggies and the slices of bacon is appalling…

  • Chef Jasper

    BLT. now i’m beginning to crave for one.


    Dang! P69 that’s about half of what we are paying here..and I didn’t know that we have subway there..wahh I must be gone for too long..I need to come home only if my pamasahe lol

  • ohhh!!! loookkks delicious… it’s a grab for 69… because it is around 170PHP for a 6-inch sub sandwich here 🙁

  • Oh my God, I drooled over the photo of the bacon. You really captured it just right.. yummy!

  • Subway is a healthy place to go to have your stomach filled. I love subway and I started making their food in the house. Here in North America I found it expensive so make at home then. lol!

  • exlinkevents

    Subway, subway deliciously healthy! I love it!

  • ralph

    this is already a good deal for me… blt sandwiches @ P69… with that kind of serving… “solves”. Yahweh bless.

  • lovemindanao

    wow .. yummy … i wsh i could make a bite now …

  • RonLeyba

    Nice to see photos like that. I wish I can have one of those sandwich as I write this comment. Pretty nice for a good not so expensive price eh?

  • Subway sandwich looks yummylicious!
    i want a BIG BITE of it.

  • Oh My God, I love this…. the first picture I saw is just a wrapped something with a name “Subway” but when I scroll up, wow, that is so yummy, so mouth-watery….

  • Subway has been my weakness since high school. When I was living in the states, I’d eat it every day (well, almost). I know live in Cagayan de Oro. There are no Subways here 🙁

  • Cai

    I miss subwAy, It’s my favorite movie baon!

  • I have not yet tasted any food by Subway. ^_^
    On the other hand, I don’t like fresh tomato in sandwiches or burger (as seen on the photo).

  • Ricky

    I love subway, I always drop by there to eat everytime Im in Manila. Hope they will open here in davao City

  • Sulit talaga yung mga Subway 69ers nila. ^_^ Highly recommended

  • tedclaudio

    Sulit talaga!

  • tedclaudio

    Maybe it’s a good opportunity to open a franchise branch there 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    You should give it a try. The best thing with Subway is you select and configure your sandwich from bread, veggies, meat to sauces as you like it!

  • tedclaudio

    I have not tried making a movie baon. I think hindi na aabot sa movie 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Good opportunity to maybe open one there 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Stripping…. to bacon strip.

  • tedclaudio

    Go to the nearest outlet and enjoy!

  • tedclaudio

    Very good deal! An alternative to a burger.

  • tedclaudio

    Yum Yum!

  • tedclaudio

    Yes healthy as long as you don’t load it with too much sauces 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    It’s on offer here that’s why it’s cheaper.

  • tedclaudio


  • tedclaudio

    Where is here?

  • tedclaudio

    Ipon na ng pamasahe para makapag vacation dito sa Pinas 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Chef, maybe you can make a better one 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Subway is very generous with their veggies!

  • tedclaudio

    I’m craving for one as well. It was so yummy!

  • tedclaudio

    Kainan na!

  • tedclaudio

    Let’s go! Ay layo mo nga pala 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    It’s a bargain!

  • tedclaudio

    You’re welcome Adeline. Unbeatable price for a good sandwich.

  • tedclaudio

    The difference in Subway’s in Saudi is they use beef instead of pork 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Pwede talaga at masarap!

  • tedclaudio

    Yes it is!

  • tedclaudio

    The bacon definitely will supply your daily requirement of fats. There’s the veggies to balance it.

  • tedclaudio

    Yes it’s really good and it’s just so affordable.

  • exlinkevents

    Ahahaha or buy an additional meal thanks:)

  • Teresa Martinez

    Without any ongoing offers, I find their sandwiches too pricey for me although there is nothing to complain about the taste and presentation.

  • Eljen

    NakakaGutOm…! Delicious”

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