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Mission Impossible: Buy Casual Getup at Ph 500 at SM 3 Day Sale

Starting my early week-end, I decided to go for a brunch and shopping at SM City Sta. Mesa where they are having a 3 day sale from August 3 to 5 (Friday to Sunday).

After struggling with the traffic at Quezon Ave corner Araneta Avenue, traveling by public transport, I managed to reach SM mall at almost 12 pm.  I decided to go to Greenwich Pizza for a quick Italian fastfood.

The Mission

After eating I decided to go shopping with a target limited budget of Ph 500 only. My budget is limited due to the amount consumed in previous sales.  The mission was to get a casual get-up of T-Shirt and/or a pair of shorts in that budget.  Possible?  Hmmm…. looks like Mission Impossible!

Since the sale boasted of items up to 70%, I have high hopes and took the mission.  Of course, if I fail: “As always, should I not make the budget, the Secretary (my wife) will disavow any knowledge of my actions”.

The Action Starts

(Lighting the wick, the fire starts running, the Mission Impossible theme music playing in the background) …. 

I went to SM Department store and while walking around saw a lot of good deals.  I just passed by them because I have to remain focused to accomplishing my mission which is already difficult with out further distractions.

In the men’s section, I saw some really good shirts from Lee Pipes.  Most of them are from 30-50% off.  Went to the bargain pile and looked for something to try out within the budget. I saw nice shirts worth Ph 350, Ph 400, Ph 450 price tags down approximately 50% from their original price tag.

I went to the fitting room and tried the two shirts I have selected.

Yellow Shirt
Orig Price: Ph 899.75
Sale Price: Ph 400.00
55% Discount

Black T-Shirt
Orig Price: Ph 899.75
Sale Price:  Ph 350.00
61% Discount
Around 55% discount on the yellow shirt

Both shirts were very good quality and they were really  good deals but unfortunately they are both 1 size smaller for me. It was only 1X or XL, I need XXL for this brand.  I need to go on diet!  If you think the T-Shirts fits just right judging from the photos, you are WRONG!  I was just holding my breath tucking my tummy 🙂

The challenge became bigger!  Bigger because I went bigger due to this food blogging I have been doing.  But I remember SM has MaxWear that caters to body builders (through eating) like me.  So I went to that section and found out they have items also on sale.  I have to get at least 50% discount to cater for my limited budget.

I saw the 50% sign in that section and asked the helpful saleslady what they have on that 50% sale. She showed some T-shirts and shorts meeting my target price range.

After selection, I went to the fitting room to try out the selected Tshirt and cargo shorts.

Both the green design Tshirt and the brown cargo shorts fit well.  I liked the combination and the fitting. They fit and look great!  Target acquired!

Green T-Shirt:  Orig Price: Ph 399.75   Sale Price: Ph 200.00   Discount:   49.9%
Brown Shorts:   Orig Price: Ph 649.75   Sale Price: Ph 325.00   Discount:   49.9%

Mission Accomplished!

The total cost of the casual wardrobe was Ph 525. Wallah, Mission Accomplished!  But I have exceeded the budget by Ph 25.  Not bad!

Behind the Scenes

Busy crowd in front of the department store

BDO Credit Card holders get also additional 5% rebate during the sale!

For every purchase of Ph 1,000 pesos, you get a raffle ticket for a chance to win an Asus Eee PC X101H Netbook.

For more details/updates about the sale, please visit SM Sta. Mesa Facebook Page.

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