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Gotti’s Pasta Madness 50% Off on Share Pasta

As part of the SM Megamall Food Sale, we visited Gotti’s Restoranti to see what their “Pasta Madness 50% off on all Shared Pasta” was all about.

Gotti’s tarp annoucement of the 50% off on all Shared Pastas

With me was fellow blogger Ms. Ruth dela Cruz, author of the blog Ruthilicious (  She was actually the one assigned to this restaurant but I tag along as she did with me to cover my assigned Sumosam’s Sushi-All-You-Can Review.

We arrived at Gotti’s located at 4F Mega Atrium and the place was packed. There were people waiting for their turn. Luckily, there was a table reserved for us bloggers with the SM Marketing Team.

Gotti’s Sign on the Wall

Gotti’s Restoranti Interiors

We sat on our table and were introduced to the manager by the SM Marketing team, Ms. Karen and Mr. Mickey who were there earlier with fellow blogger Michael. Soon after we ordered, the rest left leaving just me and Ruth.

For me the best way to start an Italian meal is with a soup.  We order my favorite Italian soup, Minestrone.  Gotti’s version of the soup is a bit thicker and creamier.  It is served with a bread stick.

Joe Minestrone (Traditional Italian Soup) Php 110

Of course the star of the show for us that night would be the Pastas.  All Pastas of “To Share” serving size are 50% off!  The regular serving size are on regular price only.  Ruth ordered two varieties, one with white sauce and one with red sauce to try.  Although we know that one would be enough for both us to share because of the size of the portion (it’s labeled 2-3 persons), we decided to order two to try out the different varieties.  Anyways, we planned to take home the portion we could not consume there.

The first flavor of pasta was the Siciliana Pasta.

Siciliana Pasta (Meat Saunce mixed with Grilled Eggplant)
To Share Size: Reg Price: Php 230  Sale Price: Php 115

It’s tomato based Meat Sauce topped with Grilled Eggplant.  The sauce was just meaty enough but not that strong to overpower the complimentary Grilled Eggplant toppings.  The taste of the grilled vegetable blended well with the sauce giving it a bit of crescendo to its flavor.  I highly recommend this sauce if you want to try something new with your pasta experience.

The pasta was served with slices of Focaccia Bread on the side.

The second pasta was the Herb Seafood Cream.

Herb Seafood Cream (Shrimp, Clams, Squid cooked in White Wine and made rich with Hebr Cream Sauce)
To Share Size: Reg Price: Php 300  Sale Price: Php 150

For creamy white sauce and seafood lovers, this sauce suits your taste buds the best.  The sauce creaminess was just right.  For Italian food lovers who loves the characteristic taste of herbs, this is one sauce you will really enjoy.  I took home some of this pasta for my wife and she loved this pasta. I quote her “This is the type of Italian pasta that I really love!”.  It looks like a found a new Italian resto to take her for our next romantic date.

And of course, aside from the pasta “stars”, we decided to order some Pizzas as well.

The Godfather Pizza (Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, Bacon, Italian Sausage, Onions, Roasted Bell Peppers, Black Olives and Mushrooms)
Php 360
Close up of The Godfather Pizza

This pizza is another reason why you should go back to Gotti’s!  The sauce base and the quality of the meat toppings were very good.  This variety is like their “Super Supreme”.  It’s really The Godfather of pizzas if you are into the Italian authentic pizza versions. The toppings tasted really good matching the nice thin to medium pizza crust.

Even though I was bit full from the previous restaurant we reviewed (Sumosam’s Sushi-All-You-Can Review), I still enjoyed my first time Gotti’s Italian experience.  It’s definitely “Thumbs Up” for me and now part of my favorite Italian restos.

So enjoy their 50% off offer on all their Pastas.  The food sale is from August 17-19.  You can avail of this offer any time of the day. No time restrictions. 

So what do you think? Please leave your comments about your Gotti’s experience and let us know what are your recommendations.

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