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Experience Philippine Fiesta Food at Cabalen Buffet

Experience the Handaan sa Fiesta culinerary treat at Cabalen Buffet!  Cabalen is very popular for the all Filipino cuisine buffet.

Together with my blogger friends Azrael and Rodel, we went to Cabalen Glorietta branch last Thursday August 2, 2012 to try out their buffet. 

We met the branch manager, Ms. Rhea who gave us a walk-through of the buffet.

Video Walk-through of the Buffet 


I started with the soups. They always have 2 types of soups at the buffet. That day it was Sinigang na Bangus and Beef Bulalo with Mais.

Beef Bulalo Soup with Mais

Sinigang na Bangus

Both the soups were superb.  The Bulalo was rich and meaty, a soup ideal for rainy days.  The Sinigang sourness was just right with the right “asim”.

Appetizers and Salads

For appetizers, I decided to go Asian. I did not know that Cabalen nows offers Asian cuisine in addition to their Filipino cuisine.  For an additional Ph 30 only, you get to savor Asian dishes as well.  This option is available only in 4 selected outlets of Cabalen:  Glorietta, SM MegaMall, Trinoma and Clark branches.

Japanese Food as part of the Asian section with Sushis, Makis, and Tempuras

Asian Cuisine section with Siomai, Thai Fish Salad, Pandan Chicken, Spicy Tuna Salad

I love Japanese food so I did not pass the chance to try them out.  I tried some sushis and makis and found it to be just ok. 

Sushis and Makis for Appetizer

They did not have my favorite sashimi but they had the Spicy Tuna Salad which satisfied my raw fish cravings.  Tempuras were nice serve with thier a little bit sweeter Tempura Sauce.

Spicy Tuna Salad & Tempura

To complete the Asian round-up of appetizers, I tried the Siomai, Pandan Chicken, and the Mango Fish Salad with their Toyo/Chilli Paste, Pandan Chicken Sauce, and Sweetened Fish Sauce respectively to match. Yummy!

Siomai, Pandan Chicken, and the Mango Fish Salad with their matching sauces

Now back to the Philippines, I mean to Filipino dishes. Next, I tried the Pinoy salads (ensaladas) and appetizer.  Although, in our Philippine cusine, we consider most appetizers as main dishes as well.

Pork Tocino

Crispy Kangkong

Tokwa’t Baboy

Ensalada with Burong Hipon and Bagoong Alamang

I enjoyed bits of the ensaladas, lumpiang sariwang hubad and the appetizers.

Selection of Pinoy Appetizers and Salad

Main Course

With appetite boosted, I’m was ready for the main dishes.  To get the excitement going, I started with the Grills and Sisig Section.  It has the exciting array of grilled food (meat, fish) and selection of sisig ready or to order on sizzling plates.

Grill and Sisig Section

Selection of Sisigs

There were four varieties of Sisig to choose from:  From the health concious Tokwa (Tofu) version, the Bangus (Milkfish) version, to the sinful but delightful full versions of Lechon Sisig and Pork Sisig.

Yummy but Healthy Tokwa (Tofu) Sisig

The Works:  Pork Sisig

The selection of Sisigs was a delight.  You can go healthy or go Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
We tried both the extremes when Azrael order the Tokwa and the Pork versions.  Both were really good!  Azrael said that the Pork Sisig tasted like the original Aling Lucing’s original Sisig he tried in Pampanga.

Of course, the Fiesta or any Filipino celebrations will not be complete without the “Turkey” of Philippine tradition, the Lechon (Roasted Pig).  They served Lechon de Leche (Roasted Piglet).

Lechon De Leche

I started my mains with the rice with the grilled items and the lechon. I loved the Grilled Fish and the Relyenong Bangus (grilled fish with onion/tomato stuffing).  The Lechon was yummy as well.  The pork barbeque was not that sweet so it was not to my liking. I prefer sweet pork BBQs.  I did not try the Chicken Inasal.

L-R: Lechon, Relyenong Bangus, Pork BBQ, Grilled Fish

For round 2, I tried the traditional Filipino dishes.


Ginataang Kuhol (Snails in Coconut Milk Curry)

Paksiw na Lechon (Roasted Pork Stew)

Beringhe (Glutonous Rice cooked in Coconut Milk with Meat & Vegetables)

The Second Round: Clock Wise from top: Kare-kare with Bagoong, Biringhe, Kuhol, White Rice, Lechon Paksiw and Beef Caldereta (Center)

The 2 rounds really filled and satisfied me.


As the sayings of sweet tooth people like me, “Even if the Bus is Full, There is Always Space for the Conductor”.  Filled already but of course I will not miss out on the deserts which I consider the cool-down for any big meal.

The Deserts Section
The Chocolate Fountain

Minatamis na Saging (Banana in Sweet Syrup) very good with Crushed Ice (w/wo Milk)

I just love this Banana in Sugar Syrup with Crushed Ice. I prefer it without milk. Refreshing!

Make your own Halo-Halo from these ingredients


Rodel made a  Halo Halo Concoction
 Filipino Rice Based Deserts. Clockwise:  Pichi-Pichi, Biko, Maha Kalabasa (Squash)

One of the deserts that Mr. Enrico from Cabalen’s Marketing Department recommends is the “Tibok-Tibok”, a desert similar to a cheesecake made out of carabao’s milk. Unfortunately, it was not on the buffet that day.

What a way to finish the buffet meal!  I love those native sweets, it brings really good memories of childhood.


If you have Balik-Bayan or OFW friends to treat (or invited to be treated), I recommend that you suggest Cabalen Buffet.  With only Ph 368 for the Filipino buffet or just add another Ph 30 for the Ph 398 full buffet including Asian dishes, it’s really good value for money to experience the variety of Filipino dishes that they miss.  The usually have a 10 +1 free offer, but for the month of August, in which they are celebrating their 26 years anniversary, they have a 2 Free Buffet for every group of 8. This means if you are eight persons, you pay only for six!

The cost of the drinks are reasonable as well compared to other buffets.  The can softdrinks costs only Ph 50 compared to Ph 99 in other buffets.

The ambiance is nice and relaxed and the service was quite good.

So next time you feel like having an impromptu Fiesta, visit your nearest Cabalen branches located in most of the popular malls in Metro Manila, Clark, Subic, San Fernando and Cebu.

For more details about Cabalen, visit their website: http://www.cabalen.ph

The Food Bloggers at Cabalen Glorietta (photo courtesy of Azrael Coladilla)
Top: Enrico Maullon of Cabalen Mktg (left), Rodel Flordeliz (Right)
Bottom: Me – Ted Claudio (Left), Azrael Coladilla (Right)

Please tell me how was your experience next time you visit Cabalen!

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