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7107 Reasons to Celebrate in the Philippines

Last Thursday, August 2, 2012, San Miguel Corporation invited bloggers to the launch of the new SMB 7,107 Celebrations Website (  at the Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant.

With 7,1707 beautiful islands and our country’s diverse regional and cultural traditions, there are really so many ways to enjoy and celebrate in the Philippines for both tourist and locals alike.

The Philippines offers a wonderful array of fascinating destinations, which basically is what SMB 7,107 Celebrations website would like to share with the rest of the world.

SMB 7,107 Celebrations allows you to explore a variety of awesome places and fun-filled activities and arrange them into an itinerary for your next holiday travel, vacation or just a week-end retreat.

The website

The Launch

Bloggers were invited the launch held at Adarna Restaurant in Kalayaan Avenue.  We arrived their around 6:30 pm and had dinner and some drinks.  Since it was a San Miguel Beer Event, of course the event will not be complete without the Philippines’ most famous beer. The mood was festive.  Bloggers were requested to wear something to reflect Filipino festivities as part of the theme of the launch.

Fellow bloggers – The best dressed table

Filipino Themed Dinner:  Lumpiang Sariwa, Relyenong Bangus and Rice

San Miguel Beer free flowing.  Cheers!

Multi-Festival costume of Florencio Jusay Jr. with the lovely event emcee Ms. Gelli Victor

Pepi de Leon with his Sorbetero attire complete with bell

Top Three Winners of Best Dressed with Florencio Jusay Jr. (2nd from left) topping the list with a free mobile phone as prize, followed by Pepi De Leon (right) and 3rd prize to Noks Sosa (left)

The launch was both informative and fun.  The SMB team brief the bloggers and the bloggers gave a lot of insights that the SMB team took notes of.  There were also games.  I actually won a lifestyle beer pack containing various flavors of SMBs.

Me at the Wall showing of my prize for answering 7,107 reasons
(photo courtesy of Juan Manila)

Features of the Website


Couldn’t wait to party and have fun with the friendly locals? Check out SMB 7,107 Celebrations’ Events section to know more about the history and origin of various festivities and take part in colorful and zealous merrymaking. Easily find the festivals and happenings you’ve been meaning to attend via the page’s search feature or view all events for the month with a single click.

Express your insights or give tips by leaving some comments at the bottom of every article using the special Facebook comment box. You can also share the information you find useful and interesting to your different social networks and communities.

Things to Do

Discover the Philippines’ beautiful sights, interesting places, and wonderful destinations at the Things to Do section. You just might go wild with excitement with the country’s diverse range of awesome activities—from outdoor sports to splashing adventures, cultural tours to recreational attractions, relaxing escapes to thrilling exploits.

The Philippines definitely has so much to offer travelers and tourists with different interests and hobbies. This section provides insightful articles on arts & culture, recreation, shopping, outdoor activities, and what SMB calls aquativities!

Beer Locator

This is the unique feature of the website that differentiates it to other travel websites 🙂

Clueless on the nearest joint where you can enjoy ice-cold San Miguel Beer? All you need to do is click on the Beer Locator and you will see different types of places where San Miguel Beer products are available and find establishments that offer a wide variety of delectable cuisines to satisfy diverse tastes and palates.

Explore the delightful flavors that go well with SMB’s world-famous beers for a complete and ultimate experience of the Philippines. The iconic San Miguel Pale Pilsen, the smooth San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer, the crisp San Miguel Super Dry, the full-bodied Cerveza Negra, the hard-hitting San Mig Strong Ice, the extra strong Red Horse Beer, the low-calorie San Mig Light, and the delightful San Miguel Flavored Beer in lemon and apple are best served with the most scrumptious dishes in town.

Powered by the Google Maps technology, use the site’s locator map to know exactly where you can find San Miguel Beer anywhere in the Philippines. Search by name, location, or according to your preference of cuisine, ambiance, or amenities and filter results until you find the ideal establishment.
The viewing of individual outlet pages is exclusively for the website’s registered users.


Another essential feature of the website for the wise traveller!

Looking for the best deals in town? Then the Promos section is for the penny pincher SMB drinker in you! This page lists all ongoing promotions and irresistible offers from the different outlets carrying SMB products.

What’s more, the SMB 7,107 Celebrations Facebook page ( SMB7107Celebrations) is linked here so that website visitors can readily access and learn more about the promos being implemented for all Facebook fans and registered users.


This section tackles just about anything related to travel and beer—from tips on keeping your beer chilled to the most romantic destinations in the country to beer-drinking games to up the ante. You can easily comment on and share the articles found on this page.

Itinerary Planner

This is the most useful feature of the website in my opionion.

Now are you overwhelmed with the many different things to do and places you can visit in the Philippines? Put everything – events, things to do, establishments – in one amazing itinerary for a vacation you will never ever forget!

Create your own itinerary with just a few clicks by specifying your next travel destination in the Philippines (province/city) and the dates you’re planning to go there. Next, simply select the places/activities you would like to visit and experience in your chosen destination, and SMB’s Itinerary Planner will filter and combine the site’s contents that are appropriate for and applicable to your next trip. Registered users not only get to save the itinerary they just created, they can continue planning even for future escapades! You can also print and share your itinerary with your travel buddies.

Alongside discovering the different festive celebrations, splendid sights and memorable landmarks, places of native buys and bargains, delectable and scrumptious flavors, and all other unique and interesting aspects of Filipino culture, come and taste the Philippines’ world-famous iconic brew, San Miguel Beer!

Try the website and you will really enjoy and get informed.  Let me know how you find the site. Please leave your comments below.  Cheers!

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