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See In Mono: A new Black and White Only Photography Facebook Group

There is a new facebook photography group whose common interest is their love for Black and While Photography.  The group is called See in Mono.

In their About page, they mention:

This is an OPEN-GENRE and NON-POLITICAL group. This page was created to showcase some of the best and exceptional black and white images captured by its members around the world. It is our aim to elevate the awareness of every photographer and that of viewing public that the world can also be viewed without colors and still as beautiful, if not more. It is this group’s united motto..
….” only the best, when good is simply not enough”.

It was born out of the idea of Jo Cayas whose aim was building a bridge worldwide for mono/black and white enthusiasts.  He said although there are already existing similar groups in Facebook, he wanted the Filipinos to lead and be active with this new group.  Thus the group begun.

He solicited the help of fellow enthusiasts.  Erick G. Mendiola created the Closed Facebook group and added Jo Cayas and together they initially administered and moderated the group.  The group was really growing fast so they solicited the help of fellow enthusiast like Jeff Mercader, David Mar Quinto who are already popular with their Black and White portfolio postings in their walls, various groups including Street Photography groups where monochrome photos are popular.  Currently as of today, July 1, there are 11 admins.

The membership has now grown to 352 members in just a week and still growing.

The best thing about the group is it’s OPEN-GENRE and NON-POLITICAL.  Atmosphere is relax.  A good place to view amazing works of art in monochrome photography.  The varied genre ranging from complicated Street Photography to the simple portraits and minimalist landscapes.  It’s an eye candy in Mono.

Just last June 30, the have created a public Fan Page with the same name See in Mono.  This Fan Page showcases the best of the photos selected by the curators of the group.

Visit the their fan page and enjoy the works of art of Black and White photography enthusiasts.  If you like it and want to be part of their group, join by adding your self to the group See in Mono.

They have also a blog:


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  • Black and White photos really add class and a vintage feel to photos. It’s really more elegant.

  • I would like to join this group, I already LIKED the FB Page and love everything in there.. 🙂

  • Tess Chancellor

    I like black and white photos .I am not a photographer but would be happy to be a part of this group and see their works.

  • ralph marcuss Manarang

    I join the fan page and waiting for the group approval.

  • I love the classic B&W photos. I’ll go check the site later and see if I can join the group.

  • Jerwel De Perio

    I would search their group for their gallery and appreciate the classic and modern photography….

  • Teresa Martinez

    Black and white photographs are the most dramatic and for me the most effective in terms of eliciting emotion.

  • the play of light makes black and white photography interesting… photographers who can take great black and white photos have such a good eye for that and i’m amazed

  • Carl Custodio

    i’ve visited their fan page and interested in joining. however it says that the group is closed. how can we join? 🙂

  • See in Mono..very nice name for a group who loves white and black photography. More power to your group sir Ted.

  • ronleyba

    I wish I can be part of the group, as a spectator/audience/fan? hehe. NOt possible for sure. Hmm, I think they need to buy their own .com or .org domain for more flexibility.

  • Ellen Bernardino

    I’m not really a fan of black and white, though sometimes I appreciate it depending on the outcome of the picture.

  • I find more drama and depth in black and white photos. Minsan, lumalabas ang istorya ng photo kung monochromatic. I’ll check their fb page in a while 🙂

  • Thanks for the info! Didn’t know about this group until now. Just checked the photos on the page and was amazed by most of them. Just joined the Facebook group as well — hope to learn from the experts!

  • Nothing beats the basics of black and white as I remember my late uncle taking black and white photographs of us when we were young.

  • Im not really a fan of Black and White photo..
    Its challenging and can be an easy escape at the same time..

    just my opinion.
    probably because Ive seen a lot of photographers saving a badly taken photo by processing it black and white.
    It what makes it interesting, its a burst of drama if you want it.
    guess I’ll try to join, and maybe I could change my mind.

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