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Laughing from Start to End Watching The Dictator at Gateway Cineplex 10

I was crying in tears not because of sadness, but because I could not stop laughing watching this totally hilarious movie The Dictator at the Cinema 5 of Gateway Cineplex 10 during the Press VIP screening.

The movie distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation will be show at theaters on Wednesday July 25, 2012.  It’s a comedy but with a Rating of R-13 here in the Philippines.

The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. – IMDB

Movie Trailer

The movie stars:

  • Sacha Baron Cohen (previous movie: Borat), also co-wrote the screenplay
  • Anna Faris (previous movies: What’s Your Number, House Bunny, Scary Movie)
  • Ben Kingsley (previous movies: Gandhi, Schindler’s List, Prince of Persia)

Some people might find it obscene, racists, vulgar and disgusting because of its sexually implied jokes, racial stereotyping, toilet humor and massive exaggeration of wealth and power .  However, we know that it’s done for comedy so we should not take it seriously.

If you are just looking for a fun movie to relax and take your stress away, I highly suggest The Dictator.  You will definitely get your dose of Laughter therapy for 90 minutes.

Entertainment Value Score:  4 Stars

For more details about the movie, see The Dictator’s IMDB page or The Dictator’s web site.

The VIP Press Screening Ticket

The Cinema Experience

The Gateway Cineplex 10 is situated at Level 4 of Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.  It is truly a state-of-the-art cinema complex with the latest amenities to ensure maximum convenience, comfort and viewing pleasure.

According to the management, the auditorium design and execution of the Cineplex have been personally supervised by international cinema consultants, Ian Riches and James Anthony who have drawn on their global experience to incorporate the top-of-the-line features of Cineplex 10.

The spacious central lobby is conveniently situated above the mall’s Food Express and adjacent to several fine-dining restaurants and provides a meeting point with the various coffee lounges for those who want a little chit-chat before seeing a film. A special feature of the vast lobby is the exclusive “Times Square” mural, created by theatrical designer Fritz Ynfante and his team and sets the proper mood for the great entertainment offered by the Cineplex.

Video walk-through of Gateway Cineplex 10 lobby

The central box office, with up to six selling stations, features the Vista computerized ticketing system, a first in the Philippines. The Vista system provides fast ticket service, with specific seats being allocated at all busy performances, all with the touch of a screen, or a click of a button.

A large SNAXX counter offers the usual cinema favorites of soda, popcorn, hotdogs and nachos as well as candy, ice cream and other temptations. There’s also a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stand for those craving for a quick caffeine fix.

Entrance of Cinema 5 where we saw The Dictator

The 2,300 total seat complex consists of 10 screens ranging in size from the intimate luxury of the exclusive Platinum Cinema with 40 deluxe reclining La-Z-Boy chairs, to the massive 524 seat impact theatre with a curved screen more than 60 feet wide, making it Manila’s largest. Every auditorium has provisions for PWD spaces.

Massive screen of Cinema 5 where we saw The Dictator

The view from the lower part of Cinema 5 showing how big the cinema is and the quality of the seats

The Gateway Cineplex 10 is the first cinema in Manila to use the Boral cinema acoustical wall system to ensure total sound realism. Built-in JBL surround speakers driven by powerful QSC amplifiers are incorporated with the very latest Dolby Digital EX theatrical sound system so you can almost feel the emotion, drama and suspense of every anticipated film title.

US-brand Simplex projectors provide crisp and clear pictures to make moviegoers feel like they’re right in the middle of every epic moment onscreen.

I liked the stadium-style stepped seating that ensures an unobstructed view of the floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall screens from every seat. The comfortably designed chairs and armrest are all standard amenities. Ample leg room guarantees room to stretch and allow other patrons to pass with the least inconvenience.

Another thing I like in this cineplex is the snack vendor.  Before the movie starts, just in case you forgot to get your nibbles for the movie, there is a vendor selling popcorn, drinks, etc at your convenience.  Now that’s what you call service!

Overall, from the nice ambiance of the lobby, the efficient ticketing system, choices at the snack counter and nearby food outlets, comfortable spacious seat even for a big guy like me, very good movie screen and sound quality, I think the cineplex is one ideal place to relax and enjoy a movie.  With its accessibility through the MRT and the LRT-2 lines, makes it more ideal.

I highly recommend Gateway Cineplex 10!

Me and The Dictator

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